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It Is Acceptable To Use Animals For Resarch

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There has been always a debate on the use of the animals in the biomedical research and experimentation. They are being used in this field for centuries now and have proved very beneficial and contributed in medical research far more than expected. With use of animals in research, the medical field has greatly advanced. But in these experiments a large number of animals are killed and animals have to suffer a lot of pain and distress. Considering these pros and corns the question arises, should animals be used in experimentation? Though a large number of animals are being used and sometimes killed in these kinds of experiments but these experiments has advanced the medical field. Animal ...view middle of the document...

And all of this progression is due to the advancements in the experimentation. Animals are being used for medical research and experimentation. The reasons why animals are being used in medical research and experimentation is this because genomics of most of the animals is similar to that of human such as “fruit fly (drosophila) share 60 percent of their genome with human, mouse have 70 percent, cows (Bos Taurus) carry 80 percent of human genome and mouse have almost 99 percent analogous genes in human.” (Europa Forum) And this is why mouse is used in most of the experiments. As the advancement in medical field is basically due to the genomics and proteomics so experimentation on these animals, that are genetically similar to the human beings, is the best option to certify that the medicines are authenticated and would work in the best way in human body.

According to California Associated Biomedical Research, for more than the last 100 years, every success and achievement has been the result of the use of the animals in the experiments. The use of animals in biomedical research has allowed scientists to discover revolutionary methods for the medication of some of the most dangerous diseases and fatal plagues like AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis C, Malaria, and Polio and helped in the fields of vaccination and organ transplant. These vaccines have helped to cure many diseases like first vaccine was made for the small pox disease that infected more than 60 million people in the Europe. Similarly “vaccination has helped to reduce polio cases from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 223 cases in 2012” ( and no vaccination can be made without carrying out the experimentation on animals because biologist have to find the exact cause of the disease (viruses) in order to find the antidote of that virus and this cannot be done without carrying out biomedical research on some living system and animals are the best and only option for this because one cannot risk the lives of the human by carrying out these kind of experiments on them. So one can say that animal based research has significantly contributed towards the better understanding and treatment of many of the diseases like brain injury, tuberculosis, AIDS, HIV, malaria, breast cancer, childhood leukemia etc. Moreover, there is no other satisfactory alternative to testing on a living whole-body system. There are alternative methods for biomedical research that include cell based gene therapy, computer models and simulations and in vitro methods on human cells and tissue culture but the problem with these methods is these they do not meet the requirements of most of the biomedical research. Consider the cell based and tissue culture method in which the cells are grown outside the human body and then experiments are carried out on those cells but the drawback of this method is that these culture are not physiological. Studying cell cultures in the petri dishes does not provide the information about the processes...

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