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It Is A Blessing Being A Student

995 words - 4 pages

Republic of the Philippines
Technological Institute of the Philippines
Quezon City

“It is a blessing to be a student”

Submitted by:
Zeffrey Jon M. Aleta

Submitted to:
Ms. Macee A. Agapito

Date submitted:
November 28, 2014
Being a student is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Everyday there is something new; it’s either learning new things or having new friends. You’ll get to spend fourteen years of your life studying, copying notes on the board, taking exams for your grades and having problem every week because of your tasks. It is normal when you’re having hard time because of pressure, tense and stress; however, you need to surpass this if ...view middle of the document...

They give you knowledge, help you and the worst exhaust you by giving too many task but thank them because they’re doing this to make you strong and independent. Don’t get mad to a professor who is strict and grouch; thank him because he is doing it for you. Another blessing is the knowledge you learned to your professors and friend. Everyday there is something new you’ll learn not just mentally, physically but also emotionally. Friends give you advises when you’re down or depressed, they are always at your back when you have problem. Knowledge from them will help make you happy or delighted.
Every movie there is an antagonist and protagonist; as well as life, you are the protagonist because you write your story and your enemy or foe is the antagonist. Opposite of the definition of friends, they make you mad and you are not comfortable with them. They make your life difficult just like boss levels in a video game; always make the gamer lose their patient making a way to defeat it. For me enemy or foe is considered to be blessings of being a student. They make you brave enough to face big problems and this will help you for your future. Without them maybe you’re weak, maybe you are avoiding problems because you know to yourself you can’t make it.
Before being a student you already have a blessing and it’s your parents. Parents are blessing given by God. They are the most important blessing in your life. Every blessing I just have said is almost in them. They can be your friends, professors and sometimes enemy. Why did I say they can be your friends? It is because they make your life happier. Unlike friends they are always in your house, literally. They can be your professors in such way they teach you many kind of things like cooking, cleaning, fixing, and...

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