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It Department Essay

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Module 6: IT Department
Now days it is getting harder and harder to find a company whose IT department is not based in a foreign country where English is the primary language. It is amazing how many Carls, Steves, and Bobs in the world have such a difficult time explaining what is wrong with your computer in their native tongue. The fact is companies are finding that just like automotive and retail manufacturing, IT departments can be cheaper if you outsource them. Below you will read an argument supporting keeping an IT department in house versus outsourcing its work. I will discuss issues like network familiarity, troubleshooting timeframe, and priorities.
Module 6: IT Department
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You may work on your companies network everyday, but your outsourced IT department only works on it when it is broken, and even then they work on several networks everyday. Each time you deal with your outsourced IT department you have understand that they may know computers and networks, but they do not know your computers and networks.
The No.2 reason that had in their 2012 article, 10 problems with outsourcing IT, was Time Factor. As wrote, you are at the mercy of your outsourced IT department. When you outsource to lose the ability to control your own destiny. What happens when your network crashes and you need to be up and running immediately. What if our newly outsourced IT department cannot fix our issue remotely but has to come to our office. The new, cheaper IT department is most likely going to need hours to get here, start billing us straight away, and all the while our company cannot perform our business and make profit.
Another possible delay could be the importance factor. IT companies do not strictly work for one company. Their primary key to being successful is being able to work for multiple companies. Spreading the cost of system administrators, network administrators, and helpdesk employees over multiple companies instead of one company paying for it all is how they sell themselves to businesses. Take for example the companies Nike and Crocs both are successful, globally distributed, shoes manufactures. What if both companies had simultaneously computer crashes, and used the same IT company. Who do you think is going to get...

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