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It Consulting Final Essay

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Kaplan University
IT402: IT Consulting Skills

Your requirements
The hard and soft candy manufacturers are small but very ambitious and fast growing firms offering a wide range of hard and soft candy. The consulting team has been invited to work with IT, manufacturing, distribution and marketing employees to explore the opportunities for growth.
Overall aim
The main aim of the consulting project is to give the candy manufacturers a clear idea of the way in which the business might be combined while operating efficiently and effectively.
The consulting project aims to:
• evaluate the market context ...view middle of the document...

Streamlining the data will be helpful to give a clear direction for achieving economies of scale. There are two types of economies of scale, internal and external. Internal is the cost per unit, depending on the size of the candy manufacturer. External is the cost per unit depending on the size of the industry, not the firm. By combining the hard and soft candy manufacturers they are indeed increasing their internal economies of scale.
The timeline to complete the project is as follows:
July 2012: Initial meeting with client to discuss requirements.
August 2012: Initial proposal presented to client and reviewed.
September 2012: Final proposal based on review: agreement to go ahead.
October 2012: Progression of project. Three additional meetings with client.
January 2013: Preparation of final report.
February 2013: Final presentation of findings.

Key personnel
There will be three consultants involved in this project. Mr. A will lead the project and ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction. He has 20 years’ experience in this field and worked on a similar project for Hershey’s. He will...

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