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It Consultation Essay

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IT Consultation for MR. Green
Mr. Green wants to upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. I have researched this upgrade and will be describing concerns and options so Mr. Green’s business will be more efficient and capable of expanding in time.
From the information you gave me Mr. Green, it appears that your stand-alone machines are capable of running Windows 7 Ultimate. It requires 1GHz processor, 2GB RAM (for 64 bit) and 20GB available disk space. My concern for the future would be to look into getting more RAM as you install different programs and have many applications running at the same time.
Attached are graphs that will take you step by step in preparing to upgrade ...view middle of the document...

One main feature that you do not have right now is the Advanced Backup and Restore. This feature allows you to store everything on your computers to a Network Backup in case you ever lose anything important. Also, being network based allows outside users to hack into your files, but with Bitlocker you won’t have to worry. Bitlocker encrypts the entire drive that windows and your data reside on.
My main concern with just testing Ultimate would be the cost. Microsoft does offer a 90 day trial for enterprise but not ultimate. Next concern would be to ensure you have all of your systems backed up onto an external drive or the cloud with internet access. In my opinion, I would not recommend installing Windows 7 Ultimate before you are sure it will work for you and your business. It would take a lot of time and money to upgrade to ultimate then upgrade again to home premium.
I got a list of your concerns and I will solve them to the best of my ability. With Group Policy Objects (GPO) you can easily link them to domains, sites, organized units, and locally. With creating a work network or domain you will have full access to shared files even if the network goes down. As of right now, it does not look like you can have access to the cloud if there isn’t a network available, but I will continue searching and let you know as soon as something comes to the market. Another feature with ultimate is windows search. This will allow you to find files and programs instantly...

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