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CIS 502
Week 10 Technical Paper
Global Finance Inc.
June 19, 2013

Global Finance Inc. has grown rapidly in the past years, and due to this they have gained a huge customer base. The company invested in the network designed it to be fault tolerant and resilient from any other network failures. However, although the company’s financial status has matured and its network has expanded at a rapid pace, its network security has not kept up with company growth (NIST, 2012).
GFI’s network is fairly stable as it has not experienced many outages due to network failures. Global Finance Inc. has hired three network engineers to keep ...view middle of the document...

The Risk Assessment Report, in conjunction with the System Security Plan, assesses the use of resources and controls to eliminate and/or manage vulnerabilities that are exploitable by threats internal and external to Global Finance Inc. (NIST, 2012). The Global Finance Inc. risk assessment was conducted in accordance with the criteria described in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems. The method used to conduct this risk assessment is qualitative (NIST, 2012).
The purpose of this risk assessment is to evaluate the efficiency of the Global Finance security. This risk assessment will address risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and safeguards (NIST, 2012). This Risk Assessment Report will evaluate the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Global Finance Inc. network architecture. Hezman Technologies will recommend security safeguards that will enable the Global Finance Inc. to make decisions about network security.
The overall mission of the Global Finance network is to host mission critical network systems. The network critical infrastructure includes support to the following clients and network devices:
* Accounting Department – Consists of 63 workstations and 7 printers.
* Loan Department- Consists of 25 workstations and 5 printers.
* Customer Service- Consists of 12 workstations and 12 printers.
* Management – Consists of 5 workstations and 3 printers.
* Credit Department- Consists of 10 workstations and 3 printers.
* Finance Department- Consists of 49 workstations and 5 printers.
The Global Finance Inc. has a requirement to provide uninterrupted services on site and remotely to employees and customers. It is the intent of Hezman Technologies to identify in detail the current risks, and vulnerabilities keeping while keeping within the standards of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Assess Risk &
Determine Needs
Assess Risk &
Determine Needs
Although all elements of the risk management are important, risk assessments provide the foundation for other elements of the cycle (Office, 1999). Risk assessments conduct by Hezman Technologies provide a basis for establishing policies and selecting cost effective techniques to implement these policies. Since risks and threats change over time, it is important that Global Finance Inc. periodically reassess risks and reconsider the effectiveness of their policies and controls that management has selected (Office, 1999). This cycle of activity, including risk assessment, is described below in an example of the risk management cycle:

Implement Policies & Controls
Implement Policies & Controls
Promote Awareness
Promote Awareness
Monitor and Evaluate

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