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It Best Practices Essay

2503 words - 11 pages

Assignment 2 – Worth 10 points of the grade

TRUE OR FALSE – Each question is worth 3 points.

1. In the Tuckman model, storming occurs when team members have different opinions for how the team should operate.


2. The first dimension of psychological type in the MBTI signifies whether people draw their energy from other people (extroverts) or from inside themselves (introverts).


3. In the Social Styles Profile team building activity, drivers are reactive and people-oriented.


4. Managers should strive to use a win/win approach in making decisions, but in competitive situations they ...view middle of the document...

At last, when a gathering of people work in coupled, contrasted with one individual working alone, they advance a more proficient work yield and can finish errands speedier because of numerous personalities interweaved on the same objectives and destinations of the business.

C. Offers differing perspectives and feedback :
Teamwork gives differing qualities of thought, innovativeness, points of view, opportunities and critical thinking methodologies. A group situation permits people to conceptualize aggregately, which thus expands their prosperity to issue comprehend and touch base at arrangements all the more productively and effectively.They additionally permit the activity to develop thus making a focused edge to fulfill objectives and destinations. Imparting contrasting insights and encounters fortifies responsibility and can settle on successful choices speedier, than when done alone. Collaboration exertion expands yield from quick input and different arrangements of aptitudes; that is, phases of outlining, arranging and usage should be possible very quickly.

D. Motivates solidarity in the working environment :
A collaboration situation advances a climate that encourages kinship and devotion. These affectionate sort ambiances propel representatives in parallel and arrangement to work harder, participate and be steady of each other. People have differing abilities, shortcomings, relational abilities, qualities and propensities. Along these lines, when a collaboration situation is not empowered this can posture numerous difficulties towards accomplishing the general objectives and goals. This makes a situation where workers get to be self-caught up in advancing their own accomplishments and contending with their kindred associates. Eventually, this can prompt a horrible and wasteful workplace.

E. Gives learning opportunities :
Working in a group empowers people to gain from each other's slip-ups. They can evade future blunders, pick up knowledge from varying viewpoints, and take in new ideas from more experienced associates. Likewise, people can extend their ability sets, find crisp thoughts from more up to date partners and in this manner discover more powerful methodologies and arrangements towards the current workload. This dynamic engagement creates the future verbalization, consolation and imaginative ability to issue comprehend and produce thoughts all the more successfully and productively.

2. Review the Tuckman model and explain in your own words.
Dr Bruce Tuckman published his Forming Storming Norming Performing model in 1965. He added a fifth stage, Adjourning, in the 1970s. This model is a helpful explanation of team development and behaviour.
The five stages of Tuckman’s model are as follows:

In this stage the group meets and finds out about the open doors and difficulties, and after that concedes to objectives and starts to handle the problems. Colleagues have a tendency to act freely....

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