It And Is Strategic Planning Essay

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IT and IS Strategic Planning
Shanna Allen
Management Information Systems HM6120
Argosy University
Professor Schieffler

January 11, 2011


An IT manager has to have the ability to plan, implement, and interact for their organization while providing services to patients.

Discuss management role in the alignment, strategic planning, and governance of IT and technology systems.
What does IT alignment mean? IT alignment is the delivery of the required results. Therefore, alignment is the capacity to demonstrate a positive relationship between information technologies and the accepted financial measures of performance. According to Luftman and Kempaiah (2007), IT alignment can be found in “organizations that apply Information Technology (IT) in an appropriate and timely way, in harmony with the business strategies, goals and ...view middle of the document...

Strategic planning is a step by step process with definite objectives and end products that can be implemented and evaluated. It is a process by which we look into the future, paint a picture of that future based on current trends, and influence the forces that will affect us.
Governance IT is composed of the processes, reporting relationships, roles, and committee that an organization develops to make decisions about IT resources and activities and to manage the execution of those decisions. These decisions involve such issues as setting priorities, determining budgets, defining project management approaches, and addressing IT problems. (Wager, Lee, and Glaser, 2009).

IT Can Fulfill Management Needs
IT management is the discipline whereby all of the technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. These resources may include tangible investments like computer hardware, software, data, networks and data centre facilities, as well as the staffs who are hired to maintain them. IT can do three things to help with management needs that is planning, implementing, iterating, and project management.
Change management places an emphasis on many of the “softer”, although still critical, aspects of management and leadership: communicating vision, establishing trust, and developing incentives. Project management is a “harder” aspect of management (Wager, Lee, and Glaser 2009). IT managers must have a plan that will meet the goals of the organization that they work for. The plan must be cost effective for this organization and also be effective in the goals set forth for the organization. The management team and the IT manager must work together on all planning stages to be able to support the daily operations of a facility.

Luftman, J. & Kempaiah, R. 2007, “An update on Business-IT Alignment: “A Line “ has been drawn”, MIS Quarterly Executive, vol.6, no.3, pp.165.
Wager, K. A., Lee, F.W., Glaser, J.P. (2009) Health care information regulations, laws, and standards. Managing health care information systems: A practical approach for health care executives. (pp. 360-388)

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