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It/241 Week 5 Site Survey Benefits

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The manager wants a wireless network installed in her office, as a network administrator is very simple to do this types of installation just by putting a Wi-Fi router in the office turning the transmitter to a lower setting and making sure that you have connectivity. A site survey in a medium or large business required more physical work and time, a proper site survey interview should occur to both educate the customer and properly determine their needs.

When a company is going to operate with cordless is necessary first to have a site survey, a good network wireless signal will provide the company the most powerful way to operate with portables devices. The prices of the installation will depends in the size of the building, for example a building of 75000 sq./ft. the price is around 100-150/hr. A site survey program ...view middle of the document...

It is pretty important to create the correct questions during a site survey interview with the correct tools; this will help to make the site survey more productive. Some advantages of installing a site survey is the opportunity to have a wireless access point with reduce signal just covering inside of the building. A site survey will help the network administrator to find the correct place in the building to install the wireless network to reduce the risk of intruders from outside of the building trying to access to hack the wireless network. By following the procedures of a site survey the Wireless installation will be successful without any future problem that could put in risk the functionality of the company, for example if the signal of the Access Point does not reach at the end of the building, especially where wireless devices are operating.

The possible repercussions of not conducting a site survey before installing a wireless network in a company:

1) The Wireless signal will not able to coverage the complete building.

2) The levels of security or standards are lower with a high risk of being attacked.

3) Cannot be possible a plan network before installing it.

4) User will not able to understand how the Wi-Fi networks work and the wireless concepts or requirement.

* The tools you need to conduct the site survey as well as a rationale for each tool (at least 3 tools):

1) Obtain a facility diagram in order to identify the potential radio frequency obstacles.

2) Visually inspect the facility to look for potential barriers or the propagation of RF signals and identify metal racks.

3) Identify user areas that are highly used and the ones that are not used.

4) The basic equipment for the completion of a site survey are: Wireless access point, wireless client card, laptop or pdas, variety of antennas, and a site survey utility software

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