It 205 Week 4 Essay

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bike
IT 205
Week 4
Kenneth Thompson
Karen Cann
November 10, 2013

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An Intranet [No capitalization for a private or in-house network (unless a brand name or in a title)] is basically a network interconnected networks that within a single organization. Setting up an intranet will allow the Dirt Bikes company to share information within the company, [Remove comma if the following is not a complete clause] while eliminating the risk of outsiders seeing what is going on within the organization and what sensitive information they may be communicating about. On top of privacy, an intranet will enable Dirt Bikes to achieve a constant flow of information within the company, which provides the potential of increased revenue and overall [Wordiness: unless meaning denim work clothes, "overall" is general and vague and contributes little to the sentence] success rate of the company in itself. If you setup departments to be integrated in such a manor [Check spelling--a "manor" is a large, luxurious house; "manner" means a way of doing something] , departments will become more proficient in completing interdepartmental task because department will be able to transmit and receive information faster.

Intranet [No capitalization for a private or in-house network (unless a brand name or in a title)] Benefits
Having instant access to accurate information is vital to any sales and marketing department. The sales and marketing department could benefit from an intranet because they would be able to look up product information, marketing analysis and sales reports within seconds. Human resources (HR) benefit from an intranet would be the elimination of the need to use large amounts of paper. HR would be able upload information for employees such as handbooks, benefit information, job listings, newsletters and even new employee interactive training. This would significantly decrease the amount of money the company spends on paper. An intranet would help Manufacturing and production departments coordinate, publish and maintain production schedules. The intranet could even help manage company inventory and parts. The company could also extend its Intranet [No capitalization for a private or in-house network (unless a brand name or in a title)] into an Extranet, which provides controlled access to the intranet from outsiders such as customers and suppliers. This can enable customers to place orders directly.

Helpful Internet Tools
There are many Internet tools that could benefit Dirt Bikes employees. Of the vast number of choices, I have decided on two that I feel the company should implement soon than later. The first Internet tool that I recommend for the company is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). “A VPN is a secure, encrypted, private network that has been configured within a public network to take advantage of larger networks, such as the internet” (Laudon & Laudon,2013 [Leave a space after the comma] ). VPN benefits are endless, but the most obvious is, the company would be able to...

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