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It/205 Week 1 Checkpoint Information System Business Problem Dimensions

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1) Business problems are comprised of three categories which are: People, Processes, and Technology. The People category describes individuals such as those found on the staff at a business or company, along with others such as vendors and suppliers, among many other individuals with stakes in the company. Any system would be incomplete if we did not stop and recognize the effects on the individuals who are required to use it, whether they do ...view middle of the document...

An example of this occurs when new data is accepted and conveyed to the administrative assistant to be entered into the system, followed by the storage location in which the unprocessed data end up once in the system. The third category technology is a reference to automated systems, mainly computers, which facilitate the completion of required processes by us humans. In an example of this particular category, the aforementioned technology is the end result of the database program and the front end data entry module being combined.

2) Information system is basically the term used to describe the bridging of the gap between business and the rapidly expanding computers field. By contrast, information technology is more dedicated to the management of technology, particularly the application of it towards the betterment and improvement of business as we know it. According to our readings, some of the functions of a business system are:
• To attain operational brilliance in the fields of productivity, efficiency, and agility
• To continually develop new products and services
• To achieve customer confidence and business.
• To improve decision making, particularly in the aspects of speed and precision.
• To gain a competitive edge.
• To guarantee the survival of the business.

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