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It 205 Crm Software Essay

784 words - 4 pages

Title | IT205 Smart Scenario - Determining the Impact of CRM Software on Business Success |

Email to Boss |
RE: Emergency Executive meeting TOMORROW at 9:00AM |

Items are being stocked that are not selling and we are getting restock requests on items that were not anticipated.
We seem to have too much of what customers don't want and too little of what customers want.

From: Boss
Subject: Emergency Executive Meeting TOMORROW at 9:00AM

Just got off the phone with the Bean Counters and revenues are down! I need to know what each of you is going to do to fix this problem, pronto! We are ...view middle of the document...

Reservation Experience? |
No customer service, customer intimacy or anyone that seems to care if I am being assisted or my requests/needs are being met. |
In Flight Meals? |
They did not have or know my original request or meet my needs with my food allergies. |
Customer Loyalty Program? Are you a member of our 'FlyMore' program? Which of the benefits do you find the most valuable? |
This program is not valuable, no 1st class, a free trip after 100,000 miles, no leves , no credit card program |
List three things you LIKED about your experience. |
None |
List three things that we can IMPROVE. |
Avoid members/travelers from having to fill out the same form over and over. Ensure guests needs are met with meals. Improve customer intimacy |

Presentation - The Customer Service Solution |
The Customer Service Solution |
Customer Service will Increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) |
* Implement Customer Loyalty Program * Targeted Coupons and Promotions to Drive Sales |
| Customer Service will decrease the Churn Rate by Implementing |
* Send coupons to target zip codes * Customer Care Calls to Members who are inactive for a period of more than 60 days |

Presentation - CRM Implementation |
CRM Implementation |
Customer Service will implement the following Operational CRM elements in our solution |
* Initiate Customer Loyalty Recruitment Process involving CS Agent and Mobil Card Readers * Implement a data warehouse to track member purchases |
| Customer Service will implement the following Analytical CRM elements in our solution |
* Use OLAP cube to analyze buying patterns and...

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