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Ist 210 Chapter 6 Help Guide

1201 words - 5 pages

Section 1: True/False Questions (each question has 1.5 pt)
Please circle the correct answer:
1. The ER diagram represents the conceptual database as viewed by the end user.

True False

2. Attributes do not have a domain.

True False

3. Ideally, a primary key is composed of several attributes.

True False

4. Connectivities and cardinalities are established by business rules.

True False

5. Relationship participation is not very important when designing a database.

True False

6. In order to meet performance requirements, you may have to Denormalize portions of the database design.

True False

7. Because a partial dependency can ...view middle of the document...

a. maximum
b. minimum
c. exact
d. maximum and minimum

5. A ____ key is a key that consists of more than one attribute.
a. primary
b. foreign
c. composite
d. domain

6. A ____ attribute need not be physically stored within the database.
a. composite
b. multivalued
c. single-valued
d. derived

7. If an entity can exist apart from one or more related entities, it is said to be ____-independent.
a. existence
b. relationship
c. business
d. weak

8. A ____ relationship exists when three entities are associated.
a. unary
b. binary
c. ternary
d. weak

9. Attributes may share a:
a. name
b. domain
c. location
d. table

10. Which of the following might be represented with a single-valued attribute?
a. Person’s phone number(s)
b. Car’s color
c. Employee’s educational background
d. Computer’s processor speed

11. Making sure all ____ are identified is the most important part of a database designer’s job.
a. business rules
b. cardinalities
c. derived attributes
d. relationships

12. A table that displays data redundancies yields ____.
a. inconsistencies
b. anomalies
c. fewer attributes
d. more entities

13. Which of the following should not be placed in a relational table?
a. Entity
b. Attribute
c. Relationship
d. Repeating group

14. In BCNF, every ____ in a table is a candidate key.
a. determinant
b. entity
c. primary key
d. atomic attribute

15. Which of the following is not an example of denormalization?
a. converting a 3NF to 2NF
b. converting a 2NF to 1NF
c. converting a 3NF to 1NF
d. converting a 3NF to BCNF

16. Given the table EMP_PROJ (PROJ_NUM, EMP_NUM, PROJ_NAME, EMP_NAME, JOB_CLASS, CHG_HOURS, HOURS), which of the following is a partial dependency?

17. A relation is not in 1NF if:
a. it has multiple candidate keys
b. all of the key attributes are defined
c. there are repeating groups in the table
d. all attributes are dependent on the primary key

18. For most business transactional databases, we should normalize relations into:
a. 1NF
b. 2NF
c. 3NF
d. 6NF

19. A ____ entity has a primary key that is partially derived from the parent entity in the relationship.
a. Strong
b. weak
c. business
d. relationship

20. The SQL command that lets you list the table contents is ____.

21. The ____ command is used to modify the table by deleting a column.

22. The basic SQL aggregate function that gives the total...

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