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Issues That Face Marriages Today Essay

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The purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader of the challenges that face marriages in today’s society. It researches the issue of cohabitation before marriage and how people view it whether it is harmful to the marriage or how it can help the marriage be more successful. Another issue that is reviewed is the issue of infidelity. It discusses the problems that arise from infidelity and touches on the reconciliation process that couples have to go through if they have a desire to stay in their marriage. Communication and forgiveness within the marriage is also discussed.

Challenging Issues that Face

Marriages Today
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Another article Toward a Greater Understanding of the Cohabitation Effect: Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Communication by Cohan and Kleinbaum (2002), “Spouses who cohabited before marriage have higher rates of marital separation and divorce” (para. 2). Between these two articles, couples are facing this challenge every day and many have conflicting thoughts on whether or not to live with each other.
Spouses that have decided to live together before marriage have had problems with their marriage to the point of ending it in divorce. This could be because of the negative thoughts and reasoning that couples have when moving in together such as testing the waters. Cohen and Manning state in their article Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Dissolution: An Examination of Recent Marriages “Both quantitative and qualitative data indicate that young adults view cohabitation as a way to test the relationship, and some hope to ‘divorce-proof’ their marriages by spending time cohabiting with their future spouse” (p. 378).
Premarital cohabitation can work against a couple as studies show that many spouses have more negative than positive problem solving and support behaviors (Cohan & Kleinbaum, 2002). There are many explanations that have been brought out as to why cohabiters have problems after they decide to get married. Some main ones include the risk factors that cohabiters bring into the marriage such as; parental divorce, education level, age level, premarital pregnancy, and lower income level (para. 4). Another such factor includes the fact that cohabiters have a greater acceptance of divorce because of their lack in spirituality or lowered social acceptable values and morals.
Another issue that has received attention for marriage challenges is infidelity. Infidelity can come about in many forms in this day and age. Technology has brought forth a whole new way for infidelity to occur. Many people are viewing pornography on the internet, or have established emotional relationships through the social media such as Facebook, even the convenience of having cell phones as now produced “sexting”. These forms have made many people living in secrecy and many spouses unaware that anything could be going on within their marriage. According to the book The Quick-Reference Guide to Marriage & Family Counseling by Clinton and Trent (2009), “Adultery may also be an emotional affair. Less understood, an emotional affair can be even more threatening to a marriage than physical adultery” (p. 35).
Infidelity often is associated with marriage stability. Many people feel their marriage has ended once they have discovered that one of the spouses have been unfaithful. A study in the journal Marriage and Family Review Couples in Great Marriages Who Considered Divorcing by Tulane et al. (2011) states, “Participants also identified spending large amounts of time apart, stressors on the marriage from other family members, and...

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