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Issues Facing Today's Organizations Essay

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Issues Facing Today’s Organizations
Jessica Kemske
June 3, 2012

Organizations today face many different challenges. Some challenges are based on the nature of operations and some challenges are more common and are faced by most organizations. A couple of the more common challenges would be technological advances and societal views.
In my opinion, technological advances are the biggest issue that organizations face today. If we look back even just ten years ago we have come such a long way with technology. Now someone could just pick up an iPad and have a face to face conference with someone on the other side of the world. Most companies, 20 years ago, didn’t even have websites, ...view middle of the document...

One of the issues with technological advances is the age of the generation using it. Most older people in the workplace have trouble keeping up with modern technology. I know from personal experience, having to train an older person at work on computer programs. It is frustrating for someone my age, which grew up quickly adapting to technology, to train someone a few times on a program because he/she did grasp it the first time. This can be a problem because it takes up one individual’s time whose job it may not be to do the training. This problem can lead to personnel issues and possibly a work-place Darwinism where people will either adapt to survive or fail and be let go.
When an organization uses modern technology, the technology typically cuts the number of hours that need to be worked. This increases profit for the organization because it doesn't need to pay workers to remain on the job site. However, this causes a problem with job losses because the technology completes the tasks that the employee originally did. For example, a company may be able to eliminate a position due to new software, but will probably have to pay a consulting fee for installation and technical support. Factories are another good example. As more robots complete assembly line tasks in an automated way, there's less of a need for physical workers.
Technology has also impacted communication in an organization. Businesses use websites, email, text messages, chatting and other forms of technological communication channels to transfer information to managers, employees and the general public. With more machines taking over, a company will lose its personal relationship with customers or clients. Most people want to communicate with a real person rather than a robot or machine. Employees can have many miscommunications through email or text messages etc. A message can be perceived in the wrong way and cause confusion as opposed to meeting face to face with someone. Emails, text messages and other website communication can be vulnerable to hackers or other individuals who should not have access to certain information. These security issues can create serious legal liabilities.
Societal views is another issue that organizations face today. A big thing currently in society is the notion of “going green”. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, and General Electric have implemented "green" strategies, embracing environmentalism in their marketing and core business operations. This is one way for an organization to stand out from its competitors. It is difficult for many companies to take on socially responsible policies because it is still difficult to show a clear benefit to the bottom line. The big thing right now in society is going “green”. Going green can be a great idea, but the marketing tactics are...

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