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Issue Tracking Toyota Essay

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Toyota , known as top three car industry in the US, has built itself on pillars of safety, quality and reliability. But after the recall issues aroused with the problems of unintended acceleration and brakes, their quality control and crisis management abilities have been put into questions based on the circumstances that they are unable to offer the first-hand information to the public and tend to shirk the problems and failures. Noticeablely, Japanese enterprise culture is characterized by tradition-rooted reputation and honor, which could explain why, not surprisingly, they have been loudly criticized for not offering a sincere and empathetic apology . Because from their perspective, once ...view middle of the document...

Most important of all, their plans must mirror that of corporate headquarter in Japan, and I believe this could be the hardest part that take them for a long time to respond to the public crisis.

Third, everyone involved will have an assignment. For example, human resources will be responsible for contacting and activating intervention counselors and psychologists, caregivers, ambulance services in the events of deaths. Toyota has been reported by hundreds of news that their faulty accelerators have been linked to 19 deaths. Therefore, Human resources will be responsible for notifying serious injury or death to the CEO. And following up the lawyers should deal with legal issues and PR should notify the media and the public, actually there are much more than that. Worthy to notice about, Toyota did three mistakes in their PR policy that has been criticized at this crisis time: First, Toyota's initial mistake was thinking about the issue as an engineering problem rather than a management problem. Second, they falsely believed that silence is gold, people found out that Toyota have known their problems for too long yet done nothing, which result in a slow drip of bad news that is the key things we try to avoid in crisis management. Third, Toyota, as a typical Japanese domestic company, do not have a governance structure in place that allows for decision-making on a global scale, besides, most of Japanese company are vertical-constructed organization, all the information are decided by the headquarters in Japan, there is no fluent flow of...

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