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Issue Of Abortion Essay

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The Issue of Abortion

The concern of medical abortion continues to be one of the most controversial issues that have overwhelmed society for the past two decades. Abortion is the induced termination of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is capable of survival. Two contrasting sides come into view when this issue arises. One side is “Pro-Life”, they oppose abortion, and the other side is “Pro-Choice”, they feel it is the right of the individual to make the decision for themselves. Personally I am “Pro-Choice”, I feel it is up to the woman to decide to have an abortion only if it is before 3 months into pregnancy, which is in effect by law. There are many logical reasons ...view middle of the document...

Some woman may not have the amenities and the money to raise a child. Why should a woman have a child, knowing that she won’t be able to take care of it suitably? Every child should have all the necessities of life and if an expecting mother feels that her child will not have this, she should have the choice to abort the pregnancy, and to have a child when they are financially ready for it. I myself would not want to have a child and then watch them have a bad life and suffer. If a mother is not able to care for a child then it is irresponsible on her part to bring a child into the world.

A number of women have suffered through a pregnancy that resulted after being raped. I feel that it is validated when a woman wants an abortion when it was a product of a brutal attack of rape. Being raped is a dreadful event that takes a lot of counselling to overcome. Having that child would never allow that woman to heal, and that child would remind her of that rape every day. This would lead in depression, and even suicide. The child is obviously not to blame in this situation, but the mother would most likely not feel a loving bond with this child, and it would be best for mother and child if...

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