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Issue Analysis

906 words - 4 pages

Individual Assignment week 4: Issue Analysis: 10 points

After reading the selected critical issue, complete the worksheet below to analyze the issue.
0. Read Issue 17: Are Professional Women “Opting Out” of Work by Choice? This reading is located in the Taking Sides text.
0. Provide in text citations within each response and references at the end of the worksheet that follow APA guidelines.
0. Each response is worth 5 points, and each response must have a minimum of 250 words.

Linda Hirschman and Pamela Stone present two opposing opinions as to why women are opting out of work. After reading both sides answer the following questions.

1. Summarize the main ...view middle of the document...

She believes in childcare being provided by a work place, and a lot of other socialist ideas.
While reading this, yes there are some point to be made, and doing a lot of what she said may have more women in the work place. But I do challenge her ideas, there are more stay at home dads today, which is proving a change in culture. Many high paying jobs, like a lawyer, is demanding and many males leave the profession too because of the amount of time you are working. I do see that yes, women need options and shouldn’t have to quit a job because of raising children, but as she mentioned it is a choice one that she has to respect.

2. Summarize the main points of Pamela Stone’s argument. In order for women not to “opt out” of the workplace, where does Stone feel that most change (home or the workplace) needs to take place and why?

Pamela stone goes into her argument more of a collecting information or as she said in the beginning she was interviewing women who have left the work place. She did this to find out why there are leaving the workplace and being stay at home mothers. She is on the same page as Linda Hirschman as far as believing that the idea of choosing to stay home is not really a choice. She then finds that women do in fact seem to have a pull to motherhood. She gave different examples from people she interviewed that rather once they see their baby, or later on, a mother does have mixed feeling about what to do. Some women still work for a while after having a child,...

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