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Iss Project Essay

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Richman Investments
Security Policies

1. Statement of Intent

Richman aims to conduct its affairs in an open and transparent manner and make information publicly available unless there are justifiable reasons for withholding it.

The purpose of this policy is to set out Richman’s approach to openness but also to recognise the importance of respecting confidentiality.

It is important for Richman to demonstrate openness and accountability and a real commitment to providing opportunities for stakeholders to be involved in or influence ...view middle of the document...

to bring in new hardware to replace the hardware that was destroyed in the disaster, DELL Inc. does have computers with monitors and software on standby to replace the destroyed items in the natural disaster. Richman Investments also has a contract with CISCO to bring in new servers and switches to replace the equipment that was also destroyed in the natural disaster. And finally, Richman Investments has J & J Cabling Company on standby just in case new CAT Cable will have to be run. Richman’s IT Department has an offsite back up with a company called, “Barracuda Networks.” This will let Richman Investments IT Department have a way to have all data backed up offsite so no data can be destroyed.

Information about the work of Richman, the governing body and employees will be available on request. Richman will only withhold information if there is an issue that requires confidentiality, perhaps because it is sensitive in a personal, financial or commercial way, where the disclosure of information is covered by legislation or where providing this information is not practical.

The decision on whether information is sensitive in a personal, financial or commercial way will be made by the Senior Management Team or Chairman of Richman.

Interested parties will be allowed to attend a meeting of the Committee of Management as an observer to non confidential parts of the meeting. Advance notice of 14 working days will be required to enable the agenda to be prepared where any sensitive issues can be discussed at the end of the meeting and to ensure the venue and catering arrangements are appropriate for the numbers attending.

Committee papers will be accessible to Departmental Managers, with the exception of information which is sensitive in a personal, financial or commercial way, or where the disclosure is covered by legislation. Departmental Managers will provide an update to their staff at team meetings on items they feel are appropriate.

Tiers of Protection
The gateway serves as the entry and exit point to the company’s network, the IT Department has installed a security solution such as antivirus and content filtering at this tier, mass-mailer worms are scanned and deleted, spam is moved to quarantines. Outgoing mail is also checked to prevent viruses and inappropriate content from being sent from the company’s email servers.
Mail servers should also be equipped with security. Richman’s IT Department has installed Ice Warp E-mail Server’s, this Mail Server supports SMTP, POP & IMAP standards and works with all known email clients and servers on the market, by default, all services utilize SSL/TLS encryption and supports deployments of every kind and it automatically has IMAP integration and makes certain that you remain compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act...

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