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Island Of Splendor Essay

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Island of Splendor

The sun sets slowly across the water, as the horizon closes with red and yellow skies. Waves crash against the cliff of Black Rock for a never ending time. You hear the tropical birds sing their night time melody while crickets play their solos to spice up the evening. Fishing boats are tied to broken docks as dolphins play in the crystal clear water. Another day has washed forever away but another night sets touching the sandy shores of the Island of Maui. A place filled with fun, luxury, and excitement, Maui would be considered a tropical paradise to many people.
While gazing out among the vast ocean ahead, the sparkly, bright blue water of the new day appears to be never ...view middle of the document...

From the bird’s perspective, people laughing and gentle music on the boardwalk provide a comfortable home. The cool water and warm sands offer a nice break from the humid day, brings relaxation to anybody who enters this paradise.
In addition to the ocean, the vibrant green colors of the rainforests are drawn out like a professional watercolor painting. At a quick glance, the lucid stream of fresh running water races along the steep walls of luscious plant life. The rapidly falling waterfalls appears to chase after the colorful fish swimming at full speed to reach the small deep ponds. The harmonious melodies of the tropical birds echo throughout the forest as they fly from tree to tree and through the vibrant sea of flowers. The fallen leaves dance to the forest’s symphony: the running water, singing birds, and crashing waterfalls. A damp, musty forest encompasses the sweet scent of the hibiscus flower, and as the rain falls, the combined smells of everything are lifted from the ground and carried throughout the forest’s fresh air. As a foot is placed upon the water, the frosty chill of wetness rolls over the top of the toes, numbing all sensations. The rocks along the bottom of the riverbanks deliver a silky surface, allowing for the flow of water to gently glide by.
As the sun rises over the mountain tops, a beam of light brings a warm sensation to the deep colorful skies. Morning comes with a glorious setting, painting the horizon a palette of wondrous pastels. The dawning of a new day has begun. Maui, a place filled with fun, luxury, and excitement is considered a tropical paradise too many.

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