Islamic Unit Trust Essay

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1.0 An Overview of the Study
The research topic that will be conducted by the researcher is “Islamic equity unit trust funds’ performance in Public Mutual Berhad”. Where this paper will go through and analyze the performance of Islamic unit trust in the selected company by using FTSE Bursa Malaysia Composite Index (KLCI) as benchmark in order to comparing with. In the first chapter the researcher will be discussed about the background of study,which provides a general idea on the scope of the study, identified the problem statement, objective of the study and it followed by significant of the study.The content of the report consist of introduction part, literature review, research ...view middle of the document...

They know the important of investing to them but they did not know to choose right decision because lack of knowledge. Unit trust is a good way to invest for people who are unable or not understand to analyze and do research in investment market.
As for the investor,who invest in unit trust they need to keep up to date with investment market in order to maintain their portfolio of stocks in share market. But for some people it might difficult, it costly expensive also they not have time as busy with their work and others. So by investing in unit trust they did not have to think about it because it can be manage through experience person that well known in unit trust as they will look after on the investment.
This research is conducted to study the performance on Islamic unit trust in Public Mutual Berhad at Malaysia. The researcher has chosen Islamic unit trust because nowadays it shows the improvement in the result of increasing number investor whereby many people had realize the benefit and important to invest in Islamic unit trust compare than conventional, that a mostly investor are Muslim people. It is because they had known that investing in Islamic unit trust is a compulsory to Muslim people as they need to choose Islamic unit trust compare than conventional whereby it is one of Shariah principles on Islamic laws.In addition, there are a fact that tell about the involvement of Muslim people in investment or business are very encouraged by the teaching of Islam, that make Muslim people have realize about it. Besides that, it is as instrument to develop investor saving by invest in unit trust in Islamic ways.

1.2 Problems Statement
Nowadays, there are many studies on unit trust performance in Malaysia, but research in Islamic unit trust performance is still lacking. It is because most of the researcher that had done the studies is focus on conventional unit trust compare than Islamic unit trust.Maheran and Masliza (2007),...

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