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Islam Extremist Essay

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Islam is one of the younger religions when it compares to Christianity and Judaism, which are of the three major faiths in the world today. There are similarities between all three religions as well as differences. Christianity and Judaism are faiths that grew slowly throughout time but Islam evolved at a much faster pace in which the roots of Islam began in about 610 CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia when an ordinary man named Mohammad (The Praised One) Ibn Abdullah received Allah's (God) word or revelations and spread that faith to Muslims all over.The Messenger of God which Mohammad soon began to be called was said to have received the Word of Allah through the angel Gabriel during the spiritual ...view middle of the document...

There is the Greater Jihad which is the more prominent form in Islamic culture is the internal struggle to improve one's soul. Then there is the Lesser Jihad which is the external and physical struggle if Islam and the community are under siege. Under Lesser Jihad, Muslims would have the right and responsibility to physically defend the faith."Permission to take up arms is hereby granted to those who are attacked, they have suffered injustice, God has all the power to give them victory" (22:39, Qur'an). This form of Lesser Jihad would show one of its first faces during the period of the Crusades which began in the 11th century. It was only later in history during the 18th century when British colonialism was taking shape of many Arab lands, that a radical interpretation of the Qur'an soon took hold of many Muslims. One such radical extremist, Seyyid Qutb who wrote the book Milestones, justified the armed struggle for Islam for those that stood in its way and used the Qur'an to legitimize the struggle who said that the world has changed and Muslim governments are no longer defending the world of Islam against incursions. He argued that each individual Muslim would have to take the responsibility of Military Jihad on his own shoulders (2006, Columbia Encyclopedia). Colonial rule was becoming the equivalent to the Crusades and this radical ideology soon became the inspiration to Muslims and Islamic activists.It was during these times that the early forms of extremism developed and it is even during the present day where the Qur'an has been the shield of radical Islamic extremists. Muslim and non-Muslims alike have always taken closer looks at the Qur'an triggering debates about the true meaning of the mysterious verses written within it. The certain distortions within the verses are common for radical Muslims pursing their form of Jihad.Current examples of radical Muslim extremism are synonymous around the world today because of the vast amounts of violence that is taking place. Extremism today evokes images of suicide bombers, hijackings, kidnappings, and other various forms of terrorism. The attacks on September 11th, 2001 in New York which killed over 3000 innocent people proved to be the greatest act of terrorism ever acted upon when...

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