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Isaac Asimov's Portrayal Of "Segregationist" And "The Feeling Of Power "

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Isaac Asimov based his two stories, the “Segregationist” and “The Feeling of Power,” in a futuristic time on Earth. In the “Segregationist,” he depicts a surgeon who expresses that human and robots should not become one kind of species. In “The Feeling of Power,” he tells the story of humans that depend on computers too much. Asimov is portraying to us that human nature consists of behaviors such as being discriminative, over-relying on technology, and that humans are always unsatisfied with ourselves.
In both of these stories, discriminatory behavior is shown through some of the characters. The surgeon, in the “Segregationist,” believes that humans and robots, also known as Metallos, ...view middle of the document...

In the “Segregationist,” both of the two types of citizens, humans and Metallos, which are the robots, are fascinated of each other’s structures. For example, the receding human patient that the surgeon treated insists for a metallic cyber-heart of a Metallo. The humans yearn for the physical strength and endurance of the Metallos, and it has turned into a mania that is “plaguing humanity” ever since the robots have become citizens of Earth (5). In the same way, the last two Metallos that the med-eng repaired asked for human parts. One Metallo asks for a matter of supplying tendons and the other wants a blood system like a human’s. Similarly, in “The Feeling of Power,” the President of the Terrestrial Federation, Programmer Shuman, Congressman Brant, General Weider, and probably others who are in power wanted to use Myron Aub’s discovery, the power of the human mind, to win the galactic war against Deneb, a foreign planet trying to defeat Earth. Deneb is also using computer-controlled weapons, so Earth and Deneb are equally powerful. The people in power figured out that using manned missile instead of computer-directed missiles could have a better chance of defeating Deneb. That is, Asimov is showing us how even in the future, humans would still long for what others have, and that we would still be unsatisfied after.
In a similar way as humans being are discriminatory and we are always being inadequate with our bodies and wanting to change them, Asimov shows how technology can take over our lives. For example in the “Segregationist,” Metallos are now working as if they were humans, like the Metallo surgeon that treats patients, and humans can depend on him....

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