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Is589 Week 2 Texbook Questions Essay

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IS589 Week 2 Texbook QuestionsIS589
Week 2 – Text Book Questions
Greg Wilson
Chapter 3: Questions 1, 3, and 6
Question 1: How does a multipoint circuit differ from a point-to-point circuit?
From the Course Text (Fitzgerald & Dennis, 2009):
In this configuration, many computers are connected on the same circuit. This means that each must share the circuit with the others. The disadvantage is that only one computer can use the circuit at a time. When one computer is sending or receiving data, all others must wait. The advantage of multipoint circuits is that they reduce the amount of cable required and typically use the available communication circuit more efficiently. Imagine the ...view middle of the document...

Coaxial cables cost about three times as much as twisted-pair wires but offer few additional benefits other than better shielding.
Fiber-Optic Cable (Fitzgerald & Dennis, 2009):
Although twisted-pair is the most common type of guided media, fiber-optic cable also is becoming widely used. Instead of carrying telecommunication signals in the traditional electrical form, this technology uses high-speed streams of light pulses from lasers or LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that carry information inside hair-thin strands of glass called optical fibers.

Question 6: Clearly explain the differences among analog data, analog transmission, digital data, and digital transmission.
From the Course Text (Fitzgerald & Dennis, 2009):
In the same way that digital computer data can be sent over analog telephone networks using analog transmission, analog voice data can be sent over digital networks using digital transmission. This process is somewhat similar to the analog transmission of digital data. A pair of special devices called codecs (code/decode) is used in the same way that a pair of modems is used to translate the data to send across the circuit. One codec is attached to the source of the signal (e.g., a telephone or the local loop at the end office) and translates the incoming analog voice signal into a digital signal for transmission across the digital circuit. A second codec at the...

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