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Is404 Week 1 Lab Essay

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Week 1 Lab Part 1 - Assessment Worksheet

Assess the Impact on Access Controls for a Regulatory Case Study

Watch the Demo Lab in the Week 1 Learning Space Unit 1, and answer the questions below. The lab demonstrates creating an Active Directory domain as well as user and group objects within the new domain. Directories will be created and permissions assigned based on the required access control as defined in the matrix. Group Policy Objects will also be created and linked to Objects within the domain to enforce security settings.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. What does DACL stand for and what does it mean?
Discretionary access control List (DACL) ...view middle of the document...

7. What’s the difference between a Local Group Policy and a Domain Group Policy?
The domain group policy is only available on a computer where Active Directory is installed and effects all computers in the group to which it is attached. The local Policy is for the local computer and only affects the computer on which it is on.

8. In what order are all available Group Policies applied?
-Default Domain Controllers Policy
-Default Domain Policy
-Windows SBS Client - Windows XP Policy
-Windows SBS User Policy

9. What is an Administrative Template as it refers to Windows Group Policy Objects?
These are used to populate user interface settings within the Windows Group Policy Objects.

10. What is the GPMC?
The Group Policy Management Console

Week 1 Lab Part 2 – IT Domain Controls Assessment Worksheet

Design Infrastructure Access Controls for a Network Diagram

Fill in the following matrix with security controls to implement sound access controls throughout the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure. Specify whether the security control achieves C-I-A and how it enhances security for that domain.
IT Domain | Controls to Implement within Domains | IT Asset or Entity Requiring Security Controls | Are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability Achieved? |
User domain | -Users | -Password-Access control | No |
Workstation domain | -Computer | -Virus Scanning-Operating System Patching-Application-level Firewall | No |
LAN domain | -Hub | - Intrusion detection/prevention system-Email scanning-Server-level virus scanning | Yes |
LAN-to-WAN domain | -Firewall-Servers | -Firewall | Yes |
WAN domain | -Firewall | -Traffic flow management- Broadcast filtering | Yes |
Remote access domain | -Broadband internet | -IP tunneling-VPN | Yes |
| | | |
System/application domain | -Mainframe-Applications and web servers | -Patching on a regular basis | No |

Week 1 Lab Part 2 - Assessment Worksheet

Design Infrastructure Access Controls for a Network Diagram

In this lab the student conducts research on the controls related to the common IT domains and the implementation of controls to enhance information security (confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems). The primary objectives to review for this lab are listed below:
* Review the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure
* Identify how access controls can achieve confidentiality, integrity, and availability throughout a typical IT infrastructure
* Align risk exposure from unauthorized access to requirements for access controls
* Design...

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