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Is Turkey A Western Country ?

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Is Turkey a Western country ?

Selcuk Erez

Most Turks have little doubt that Turkey in a great variety of fields is at par with Western nations, but most Europeans would disagree.

How would one define Western standards ? In a period of ever-encompassing globalization, the Western standard can be thought to reflect achievement of an international scale in a number of subjects such as the sports, industry, economy etc etc.

Turkey claims to be among the world's leading producers of agricultural products; textiles, motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances. Yet, in the minds of the citizens of ...view middle of the document...

How many chemists should be interested in music so that one among them can turn out to be Borodin ?

If this is valid, it is very proper to study the status of art in Turkey . A report by an eminent cultural analyst, Dragan Klaic can be very useful for such an evaluation: In 2005, Klaic studied the cultural infrastructure in Istanbul the city that harbours most of the artistic potential in Turkey (Istanbul’s Cultural Constellation and Its European Prospects :A Report Commissioned by After commenting about some important investments of the private sources,
he said that there was a growing realm of small scale artistic facilities geographically concentrated within the two square kilometers between the Galata bridge and the Taxim Square in Beyoglu. He remarks on the odd name of the Ministry expected to promote art in Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Klaic comments, “The name implies that the government sees it as a factor of tourist promotion rather than a developmental...

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