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Is There Privacy On The Computer?

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Many people believe that they have a given right to privacy. That there is a barrier between their personal life and business life in which, the two can’t be connected together. What happens outside of their business life shouldn’t reflect their job. However, there is no one rule or law that gives the right to privacy for employees. However, employers should also have to the right to monitor what is happening on their systems. Employers can’t be spending millions of dollars on technology and labor if employees waste time and aren’t productive especially in this economy. Businesses have to protect themselves by monitoring employees by all means with crossing the line.
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Supporters of Workplace privacy say that employees have the right to expect a reasonable degree of privacy at work. That by using intrusive methods of monitoring, actually damages productive rather than promote it. (Issues & Contra…) They believe that employers should be more concern about making a more work friendly environment for employees rather than snooping around. Monitoring discourages any sense of trust that employee has with his or her employer thus, damaging the employee employer relationship. Supporters also say that by increasing monitoring of employees, what limits are set. Actually, they are few US government laws that protect workplace privacy. In most cases, combinations of laws are used in many court cases. However, in California, employers must inform employees that they being recorded. (Issues & Contra…) Recently, in Illinois, no employer can fire, disadvantage or hold accountable any employee or applicant from a job regarding non-working activities. (Legislative…) This, critics say is progress but they want more to promote a more work friendly environment without fearing the chance of being fired.
One major reason to monitor employees is to keep productivity up, thus driving net operating profit for the companies and increased revenue for the economy. With this tough economy, businesses can’t afford to waste any money so they need to make sure their employees are actually bringing in money for the business and not just collecting a pay check. According to various studies, many employees wasted more than an hour of company time; all those wasted hours add up to billions of dollars in losses for U.S. companies every year. (Issues & Contra…) Employers shouldn’t being paying employees to fritter their time on personal calls or social networking sites. A 2007 survey by the American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute found that two-thirds of employers monitor their employees' web site visits in order to prevent inappropriate surfing. And 65% use software to block connections to web sites deemed off limits for employees. As well as another 10% monitor social networking sites. Many people have fired employees because of social networking sites and for accessing restricted sites. If we allow employees to be ineffective at the workplace then more and more businesses will go under, causing unemployment to go up due to layoffs and economy to plummet throughout...

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