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Is There A Significant Difference In The Number Of Paired Bladders On The Fucus Vesiculosis Between Different Shorelines?

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A2 Biology Individual Study

Is there a significant difference in the number of paired bladders on the Fucus vesiculosis between different shorelines?

The aim of the investigation is to see if the nature of the shoreline affects the number of air bladders on the Fucus Vesiculosis and therefore is it beneficial to lack air bladders on exposed shores for risk of detachment. Random numbers were obtained and plotted on axis in the form of two thirty metre tape measures, to find the data for the number of paired air bladders on the Fucus vesiculosis, further data also included temperature recordings and pH readings for the rock pools at the two ...view middle of the document...

The appearance of the bladder wrack can vary due to the environmental factors affecting the bladder wrack. In very exposed shorelines there may be very few paired airbladders (4) and F. vesiculosis may take the form of Fucus linearis which is completely absent of air bladders. This is advantageous to the bladder wrack because in more exposed conditions the lack of bladders decrease the risk of relentless damage as well as reducing the risk of detachment from the rocks(5). On the other hand in less exposed conditions the air bladders keep the fronds of the bladder wrack in waters that receive a greater amount of sunlight resulting in an increased rate of photosynthesis(6).


The results from my investigation will hopefully show the difference in the characteristics of the bladder wrack over contrasting shores, one shore being highly exposed – Borth shoreline and one less exposed – Aberystwyth shoreline. Borth shoreline is five on the Ballentine scale (fig.3) as it has a small volume of seaweed and a small number of F. vesiculosis whereas Aberystwyth is a seven/eight on the Ballentine scale as there is a huge amount of Ascophyllum nodosom but also has some Laminaria species of algae. These results can then be applied to other species of algae, the differences in air bladders will be as a result of the nature of the shoreline. This is because weather and light intensity conditions will be similar as the two locations are close to each other as the two locations are only 6 miles apart. Furthermore the weather conditions throughout the year will be very similar except for wave action. Therefore, the results can show how the wave activity affects the phenotype of the plant species in that area.

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Evaluation of Sources
An important source I used was an article for a journal taken from which is the geography department at McGill University in Canada. The university is known through out the world and has a duty to provide up to date valid information from both the professors and the student. Another source I used was provides detailed information and events within nature. This website is partnered with International Year of Biodiversity Partner and has won awards for its information. This implies that the information given by this site has a huge...

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