Is The Uks Constituition Becoming Increasingly Codified

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The British constitution has become increasingly codified, discuss.

A constitution is a set of rules that defines the manner a country is run. The British constitution is said to be an unwritten constitution, more accurately it is uncodified as much more of the British constitution is written down, however, they are not all written down in a single document like a codified constitution would require as how the US is, however draws from several different sources such as; statutes laws, common law, conventions, EU laws, authoritative documents etc. Statute law, is a written law passed down by parliament for example the human rights act of 1998 which brought the European convention on ...view middle of the document...

No citizen can be deprived of their life intentionally, except in the case of serving a criminal sentence. Article 6 (Fair Trial), all citizens are to be tried fairly and equally in a court of law, and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Article 12 (Marriage and Family), all men and women have the right to marry and start a family. Another example that could be used is Devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as much of it has the character of fundamental law, it has limited the powers of Westminster it contributes to the case that the British constitution has become more codified in the sense that it is more rigid and hard to change because it is derived through referendums, defying this means that the government is against the wish of the people.

Another statute that supports that indeed the British constitution is becoming more codified is the 2005 constitutional reform act which separate the judiciary form the executive and legislature by creating a supreme court court which more adopts the idea of separate powers mostly found n codified constitutions like the US for example , it also took over the judicial work of the house of lords, establishing the judicial appointments commission. The prospect of a coalition government in 2010 opens up the discussion even more as it led to the coalition agreement for stability and reform and called for constitutional clarification by the cabinet secretary, which demonstrates that indeed the constitution is becoming more codified as there was a need for ‘clarification’ which without a doubt a codified constitution does establish.


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