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Is The Popular Korean Animation Character Pororo Really An Educational Friend?

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19th June, 2012 Final Research Essay Is the Popular Korean Animation Character Pororo Really an Educational Friend? In South Korea, there is an ongoing Pororo boom among children. ‘Porong Porong Pororo’ is an original Korean animation series that is about the adventures of Pororo and his friends in the North Pole (Appendix 1). People call this penguin character as ‘Potongreung’ which means ‘President Pororo’ in Korean, as it is like the president among children. As this nickname represents, kids love this animation so much but this popularity is a huge problem because it has gotten to the point where no one questions its educational values. Currently as of June 19th, not a single article was ...view middle of the document...

This disorder has significant signs of abnormality that can interfere with daily life and continues throughout puberty and adulthood. Moreover Pororo also has negative impact on language and visual motor skills. In a longitudinal study of infants from birth to age 3, showed that TV viewing before the age of 2 does not improve a child’s language and visual motor skills according to Children’s Hospital Boston. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that under the age of 2 should watch no television (Children's Hospital Boston). To provide a specific example, research shows that Teletubbies, which showed similar popularity to Pororo didn’t contribute to a toddler’s word learning process at all (Wake Forest University). Mothers back then in 1990s, thought that Teletubbies would have a great educational value such as making toddlers learn new words. Instead, experts emphasized that parents need to turn off the television and help them directly to teach toddlers new words. From these researches, we can see that children can’t gain intellectual benefits from watching Pororo. Secondly, Pororo can have a negative effect on a child’s physical/social development. The reason why physical and social developments are closely related is because for example, when children play soccer outside with their friends they can achieve both. However, when children are watching Pororo at home they are missing the chance to develop neither. Watching Pororo at home will result in children’s low participation in physical

activities such as playing team sports or running outside in the playground. When the child do not get involved in such activity they are more likely to be obese. Researchers have already confirmed the relationship between watching television and obesity of infants and toddlers. Science shows children who watch more TV and get less sleep have double chance of being overweight (Harvard Medical School). Childhood obesity is a serious issue because it influences on children’s growth and health. Excessive body fat cells secrete a hormone called ‘Leptin’ that leads to precocious puberty affecting children’s growth plate that would shorten the time for children to get taller (Jung). On top of that approximately 80% of childhood obesity continues to adulthood, and can cause health problems such as high blood pressure. According to California University in San Diego, Doctor Jeffrey Schwimmer claims that those who watch TV for more than 4 hours a day are three times more likely to have high blood pressure problems (US National Library). Watching Pororo can also result in children’s low participation in social activities. It is said that social skills are learned at early age. However TV is a one-way communication system, so children can not learn the necessary communication skills to make friends. They will more likely to be shy in making new friends because they don’t know how to interact with them. This will lower their self-esteem making it...

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