Is The Nfl A Honest ?

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Is The National Football League A Honest Organization?

National Football League (NFL) is an American gridiron football organization, founded in 1920 by Jim Thorpe as American Professional Football Association. Jim Thorpe was the first president of the association, he was a famous American athlete and league player. Later on, in 1922, the association was renamed as National Football League. In the beginning, league comprised of fourteen teams but with few years the number kept increasing. And today NFL comprises of thirty two teams. NFL is the most popular sports league of America and has faced many years of instability and competition from rival leagues to ...view middle of the document...

The Ray Rice crisis has put a question mark on NFL that whether it is an honest organization or not? This crisis has tarnished the image of the league. The crisis rose when a video was leaked about Ray Rice who was dragging her unconscious fiancée out of the elevator. And on the basis of that video, NFL suspended Ray for two games. Later on, another footage showing Ray Rice punching his fiancé in the face was leaked. This footage showed that two games suspension was a tolerant punishment. This action was so criticized that NFL had to cover up to save its repute. Goodell, suspended Rice from the league. This delay in taking serious and quick decisions sparked the resignation calls for Goodell as commissioner NFL.
Goodell has always tried to show himself as an honest man whose motto is to, “Protect the shield” and has always tried to raise the moral values. But in the Rice crisis, he has become lenient. The footage was obvious but still he just suspended Rice for two games. Due to this, NFL and particularly, Goodell have their images struck badly reputes tarnished (Smith, 2014).
If NFL wants to restore its image, it needs to be honest and speedy in its matters. There is still a chance to save its repute but that will require a cost and won’t be easy. NFL should begin with a public campaign against domestic abuse. Goodell, being a commissioner of NFL, needs to realize his personal responsibility, he needs t to find out the actual facts and make it public. And NFL needs to establish a taskforce and provide counseling to players to avoid domestic violence. And...

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