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Is The Mexico Us Border Fence Justified

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Is The Mexico-US border fence justified?
The United States Congress approved the "Secure Fence Act of 2006" which sanctioned the construction of numerous separation barricades at the Mexican-American border and the installation of a virtual fence entailing surveillance cameras, sensors, and other equipment to cover those parts of the border that do not have a physical wall. The debate is related to the American debate on immigration, and controversies about the fence centre on its effectiveness, expense, representational value, and more. How accurate however, is the claim that the Mexico-US border fence is justified?
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It is debatable whether or not the United States is truly interested in solving the problem or is the dialogue about the wall merely for political motivation. If you analyse the situation, then the fence actually hurts the political relationship with Mexico and creates many more problems than already exist. Since the ‘Secure Fences Act of 2006’ was introduced by the American Congress, Mexicans have had to stand by helplessly as a huge fence was erected whilst the largely American Republican Congress squashed attempts to regulate migration (The Economist). Since then American politicians have tried to outdo one another over the North American Free Trade agreement with Mexico. This has caused an even bigger political dispute as it appears America is more interested in building trade with China. All of these political issues make the erection of a fence even more infuriating for the Mexicans. Hypocritically, the Mexicans themselves have increased border enforcement along their own border with Guatemala, and yet they do not support the idea of a fence along the border with the United States. Conversely it is obvious that the wall is popular with the people of America as over half of them are in agreement that it should be in place. Many individuals actually make private donations in an attempt to raise tens of millions of dollars towards extending the fence along the Arizona border. Arizona is perhaps unsurprisingly a state consisting of predominantly white Americans who are opposed to a potential influx of Mexican migrants seeking housing and employment. Barack Obama’s job in Congress is to answer the people’s demands to the best of his abilities and many would argue that he is simply doing that, conversely just because several individuals are in favour of a procedure does not mean it is normatively vindicated. Policies that have little or no efficacy and habitually create a reverse outcome than which is anticipated are certainly not warranted by this logic. The public want a ‘wall of hate’ because they believe that it will protect American jobs and border security. If a detailed investigation of the finances of illegal immigration demonstrates that immigration actually stimulates the economy, it seems irrational to carry on maintaining the fence. This just perpetuates racist attitudes.
The border wall does not cover the whole of the 1,969 mile border line spanning from California to Texas. It is almost financially impossible to cordon off the whole of Mexican American border and as a consequence there are many areas where it is possible to cross the border unchallenged. These areas are often snake infested, within scorching deserts and have claimed 2000 lives. The bodies of at least four hundred people were found in 2010 having unsuccessfully attempted to cross the border seeking the American dream. (The battle of the US-Mexico frontier) Many Mexicans still attempt to travel through these deserts to get to mainland America...

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