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Is The Film Les Miserables Related To The French Revolution

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History projectDoes the film Les Miserables (based on the book by Victor Hugo) depict the French Revolution accurately?By: Kyle MirandaRevolution- a great change over a short period of timeI got this from the bookletThe French revolutionLouis XVI was king of France in 1789. Louis was a kind man but he was raised to be a king and had a little knowledge of common people.Louis needed help in 1789. The people of France needed help because of the hard winter and most of the crops were lost. There was a bankrupt after supporting America in their revolution. Louis had to try to raise money. He could not tax the peasants, because they had no money, so he had to tax the aristocrats and the middle ...view middle of the document...

The Bastille was a prison where weapons were stored. The middle class now had the power to rule France and the French Revolution had begun.Louis remained King, but had little authority. The National Assembly now controlled France. Louis was moved from his palace in Versailles to Paris, where he would be safer from attack. The National Assembly made many changes.Torture and arbitrary imprisonment were abolished.Property owned by the church was seized.The highest ranks of the military were now open to people of every class.The people elected judges for short periods of time. Now, the common people of France controlled justice.Other families of Europe were very unhappy with what was happening in France. What would happen if their people revolted? Monarchs in Austria and Prussia (now a part of Germany) sent soldiers to support Louis. Louis tried to escape France, but he was captured and returned to Paris. In January, 1793, Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette were beheaded for a multitude of crimes. So the rebels won.The reign of terrorPeople didn't expect that the revolution would go this far. Those that lost power struggles were usually beheaded. This period became known as the reign of terror as the people of France try to remake almost every part of life. The days of the week were renamed and the Christian calendar was replaced by a new calendar. At that time churches were closed and the clergy were persecuted or they're treated cruelly.The reign of terror ended when the French government was taken over by a popular general who became the most powerful leader.Quick facts about the French revolutionThe revolution started at 1789The revolution ended at 179914th July 1789: storming of bastille.1791: constitution to limit the king's power framed.1792-1793: France becomes republic.1793-1794: the reign of terrorLes MiserablesVictor Hugo was born in 1802-1885 his novelist, poet, and dramatist, is one of the most important of French Romantic writers. He was born in Besancon and his father is the army general who taught young victor to admire napoleon as a hero. Victor Hugo parents separated, he was raised and educated in Paris by his mother. From 1815 - 1818 Hugo then attended the Lycee Louis - Le grand in Paris. Then Hugo got his first collection of poems.In victors early life victor became involved in politics as a supporter of the republican form of government. After the 3 unsuccessful attempts Hugo was elected in 1841 to the Academie Francaise. This was because by the of Hugo's daughter Leopoldine in 1843. After that Victor Hugo started writing poems again and Les Miserables was published. Les mierables then receive negative comments in the public. After that Victor died in 1885 this was because of pneumonia. He died at the age of 83. Over 3 million spectors followed his cortege to the pantheon.The main cast of the les miserables and who directed it

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