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Is The Death Penalty Is A Fair Punishment

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Is the death Penalty is a Fair Punishment
Capital Punishment is Justifiable Killing
Genine Jackson
Philosophy 210
August 21, 2013
Dr. N Hooper-Simanaga

Do believe in and eye for an eye, should a person should be giving a life sentence for selling drugs, is there a big different between giving a person life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death sentence? Do you think a person should be killed for killing one person, if killing is wrong how can execution be right? Do you think it is cheaper to keep a man in prison for forty years or to be executed? Do you think ...view middle of the document...

We as people tend to have deeper feelings when the victim is someone we know. When we are judging others for the crime that they have committed, above I have set the scene and I am hoping you can imagine yourself in this scenario; Should the person who committed these murders be sentences to die, lets you answer that let look at it for a third party point of view;
Let’s look at the laws The Eight Amendment of the United States Constitution” prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments, including torture.”
Now lets look at the ground in which capital punishment is defended, most prominent is the argument from deterrence. Some think that capital punishment is necessary to deter potential criminals, murderers must be executed so that the lives of potential murder victims may be spared. Do you think that executing one person my change the mind of a person who may or may not commit a murder, should a person be judged on a maybe? Is it morally wrong to treat one person in a way to justify solely by the needs of others? To inflict harm on one person in order to serve the purpose of the other is to use that person in an immoral and inhumane way. History shows that only on the days immediately following an execution fewer homicides were reported, but the reduction was matched by an increase in the number of homicides on the day of the execution. Executions had no discernible effect the weekly total of homicides.
Second argument, the death penalty maintains that some crimes, chief among them is murder, morally require the punishment of death. In particular Christians frequently support capital punishment by appeal to the Mosaic code which requires the death penalty for murder
If we look at the Mosaic code that states that a person should be given the death penalty for murder, false prophecy worship of foreign god, kidnapping, adultery, deception by a bride concerning her virginity, disobedience to parents, witchcraft, sodomy and striking or cursing a parent. However if we still live by those laws there would be no one left to govern, sometimes the laws of Old Testament Israel should not govern our treatment today, let’s say adultery then why should we allow them to govern the penalty of murder. If you look at this from a religious stand point then one sin is no greater then another sin.
There is a law that states that you never have to touch any drugs or money to be prosecuted in a drug war. Some think that the drug war laws are cruel and unusual punishment, because it not based on what you have done or if you commit a crime, but based on who you know and what you do not know. This also leads us to the conspiracy convictions in the mandatory sentencing scheme. The federal mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) are determined solely by the weight of the drugs or the presence of a firearm during a felony offense. The convicted must service at least 85% of their sentence,...

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