Is Texting Ruining The English Language

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Texting and technology while evolving has not taken over the English language if you asked my opinion. it has however added a different dimension to the way we interact as people....Let's be honest most Americans have spoken a broken English Long before text messages where ever thought of ...whether it was shorthand in written form or the chronic use of slang during oral communications.
The English language has always seen challenges in it's purity and correctness. Many writers understand that most common communicators don't is that the thoughts and Idea's conveyed are only as strong as the creative nature of the individual expressing him or her self. The English language is never a finished product, though it's existence has allowed it to cover a great range in matters ...view middle of the document...

..I would even go as far as to say that the use of texting tweet's and emoji's gives greater depth to the English Language when used properly those who reserve the right to express themselves in accordance to English law ... meaning: subjects and verbs will agree because they understand the beauty of the language the double-entendre the ability to be risque without being raunchy which is not as subtle if sexting is your forte...
Technology has it's place and it's definitely has made it's mark on not just our society but the entire world and still the English language is still and will always be the Barometer. just think Our very own President Obama used his ability to romance the English Language to persuade a large percentage of American's to vote him into office TWICE! some of the greatest stories ever written from "The Catcher in the Rye" & "The Tale of Two Cities" to Othello these stories are classic examples of the creative use of the English Language ...So while the hipsters may over indulge in the not so grammatically correct forms of expression that take place via twitter the staple will always be Proper English and what derives from it will always be secondary ...remember in a time where trends seem to take over tradition we can't forget that... only content of true substance can be sustained! anything else is almost always fleeting temporary and ever changing ,that's a few synonyms for all you English Majors!

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