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Is Science A Blessing Or A Curse

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I am not a big fan of news channel, and I guess at my age no one is. But last week I had watched the news for half an hour. In that whole time news anchors were discussing the bomb attacks all around the world, how many got killed and how many got injured. Since I was thinking is science a blessing or a curse? No doubt we are all surrounded by the wonders of scientific knowledge but is science all for human comforts or not?
We all know that life is not a bed of roses. This was more true in past. Man’s life on earth was a hard struggle. He had to work hard to protect himself from sun, rain and storm. He had to fight against hunger, disease and death. He had only two hands to do all his work. With these hands he defended himself, fed himself and made other things he needed. It was a hard life. But he kept on working. In ...view middle of the document...

The world today has completely changed.
What science has done for a man is a long story. I can only mention few things discovered and invented by science. It has discovered the secrets of matter. It has taught man to turn matter into energy. The chief form of energy is electricity, which is, unfortunately, scarce in Pakistan.
The contribution of science is seen in our daily life. Now the housewife doesn’t have to work very hard. With the help of latest cooking devices meals can be cooked quickly. Food can be preserved for a long time in the refrigerator. Clothes can be washed in machines. Thus a housewife can enjoy more leisure and can save a lot of her time.
Science has also revolutionized the methods of communications. We can talk with our friends and relatives thousands of miles away from us with the help of modern scientific devices like telephone and internet .Through radio broadcasts messages can be conveyed to all parts of the world. On the television we can not only hear the voices but can also see what is being telecast.
Science has also helped mankind to fight against dangerous diseases. It has lessened the sufferings and miseries of man.
But this is only the one side of picture. Today, mankind is living under the shadow of sudden death. It appears that we have come to the end of our journey. We stand on the brink of destruction. Science has produced highly destructive weapons like atom bombs and hydrogen bombs which can destroy the world in no time. If a third world war takes place in the near future, it might destroy all life on the earth as it will be a nuclear war. So we may also say that science, in spite of all the comforts for the misery, restlessness and worries of man.
In reality there is nothing wrong with science. It is up to man to decide whether he wants to use it for peaceful purposes or for destructive purposes because science is in power of man. Man is not in the power of science. Man is using science, science is not using man. So it is entirely up to man how he uses it.

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