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Is Satisfaction Enough To Understand The Customer Brand Relationship? What Should Firms Measure?

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Is satisfaction enough in order to understand the customer-brand relationship? What should firms measure?

Satisfaction of its customers is often a top priority of service firms; moreover, service industries strive for consistent satisfaction of its customers in order to reach their objectives of repeat purchases. In today’s competitive market it is no longer sufficient to merely satisfy customers, Jones argues that satisfied customers defect, and that completely satisfied customers are much more loyal that satisfied customers (Jones & Sasser, 1995). Satisfaction has become an initial stepping-stone for competitive service firms, who continually strive to obtain loyal customers to form ...view middle of the document...

The CVP behaviours identified by Eisingerich (2014) fall into two categories, the first of such behaviours being customer-to-customer behaviours, such as word of mouth, and the second being customer-to-firm behaviours, which refer to customer participation with the firm. Customer participation with the firm can be defined as “customer behaviours indicating active and responsible involvement in the governance and development of the organisation” which entails constructive feedback and helpful suggestions on the service being provided (Eisingerich, Auh, & Merlo, 2014). It was found by Jones and Sasser (1995) that whilst satisfied customers defect, actively encouraging them to participate can be important to gain repeat business, so it becomes increasingly important for firms to manage and measure the amount of customer-to-firm participation. The customer-to-firm interaction category becomes easier to measure than customer-to-customer WOM as it is readily within the control of management. Eisingerich (2014) explains that the service firm is one party to the exchange of information from customers “to provide feedback or volunteer advice, and these contributions, can be more easily observed, studied, invited, and rewarded than customer-to-customer word-of-mouth.”

The transition between satisfaction, loyalty and customer-brand relationships become increasingly hard objectives for service firms to accomplish in a highly competitive markets due to the many alternatives available. Fraering and...

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