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Is Responsible Business Important? Essay

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Week 6 tute: Is Responsible Business Important? (Assessed)
Research about the ‘phone hacking’ scandal involving News International and be prepared to discuss the following based on the ‘Sorry’ advertisement reproduced below.

1. Identify three key aspects of the ‘phone hacking’ scandal?
On 13 November 2005, the News of the World published an article written by royal editor Clive Goodman, claiming that Prince William was in the process of borrowing a portable editing suite. Following the publication, the Prince and royal staff met to try to figure out how the details of their arrangement had been leaked, as only two other people were aware of it, and asked police for investigation.
In August 2006, Goodman and private investigator Mulcaire were arrested by the Metropolitan Police, and later charged with hacking the telephones of members of the royal family by accessing voicemail messages.
It was first reported by The Guardian on 4 July 2011 that police ...view middle of the document...

Until the report of Milly Dowler the victims seemed to be royal members, celebrities, publicists, politicians and other journalists – the sort of people who, in the British mind, probably deserve what they get. But the following reports showed that the victims could also included ordinary people, which stoke public outrage.

2. Identify the parties impacted by News International’s unethical actions?
Royal members, celebrities, publicists, politicians, other journalists and even ordinary people, families of the victims and soldiers killed in the war.
Rupert Murdoch’s company. Corrupt police.

3. If you were Rupert Murdoch, what would be the most difficult sentence to write in the ‘Sorry’ advertisement? Why?
I think the most difficult sentence to write is ‘our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be a positive force in the society’. Because this sentence admitted fault of their business, the Newspaper industry supposed to be bear the responsibility but obviously they did not do. In today’s competitive media market, news outlets face a dilemma between reporting in the public interest and reporting anything that might interest the public. In the bigger picture of a globalised media, the News of the World crisis is a mighty wake-up call to the minority of corruptible media engages to in media development with ethical behaviour.

4. “We regret not acting faster to sort things out.” Why is timing important in ethical behaviour?
Rupert Murdoch was emphasis that they regret not acting faster to sort the problem. So the ‘phone hacking’ scandal lead to more victims who has suffered from the event and the impacts become worse in the sociality.
As we known, timing is important in ethical behaviour. They can create a positive image of a business that boosts the growth and sales by increasing consumer trust. On the other hand, breaching business ethics could create serious damage; causing customers turn their backs on a business. Faster to establish a remedial plan to resolve these issues and make amends for the damage they have caused is useful for repair the company's damaged image. Timing will have the enterprise loss reduce to a minimum if the enterprise operation in immorality behaviour.

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