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Is Planet Earth A Religious Planet

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Is Planet Earth A Religious Planet?
Kevin R. Graves
Religion 212
Professor Farnham
Strayer University

Is planet earth a religious planet? On the surface it would appear that it is. There are rituals, ceremonies
and traditions that the people of earth follow in accordance with their respective religions. On the other
hand, in some religions there is corruption, and misdeeds. Also, there are wars fought in the name of
religion, which makes me think that religion is not a good thing. In this report, I will be reporting on five
of the earth’s 20 major religions. I will be exploring their customs, practices and functions. Along the
way, I will comment on the negative ...view middle of the document...

Christmas is when God was Born, Good Friday is when He was put to death, and
Easter is when He arisen. Christianity has a good premise and the people who follow Christianity do
their best to follow God’s word but they are only human and only God was prefect. They are instances
of corruption and sexual misconduct within the church according to the earth news, but Christians
continue to believe in God.
I am now in the Middle East where the prevalent religion is Islam. The people who follow Islam are
called Muslims. The Muslims follow the Koran, which is a collection of ancient, sacred texts. Muslims
pray five times a day, in the direction of Mecca. Mecca is a Holy city where the Ka’aba is located. The
Ka’aba was made into a religious shine by the Prophet Muhammed. Muslims from all around the world
are urged to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime. The religion of Islam also has a good
premise, although there are extremists, on September 11th 2001, some Muslim extremists, hijacked two
airplanes and flew them into two of Earth’s greatest buildings called, “The Twin Towers” or “The World
Trade Center”. This was a tough loss for the people of Earth and many lives were changed forever. The
actions of a few Muslim extremists made the followers of Christianity and other religions feel that all
Muslims were extremists and that the Muslim religion as a whole was bad. The people of America took
vengeance for the actions that took place on September 11th 2001 and war ensued. I noticed that the
war is still going on some eleven years later. The extremists want all religions to follow their religion and
the people of America want to preserve their religion the way that it is. The religions need to come
together in agreement in the name of their God.
In the last part of my journey, I went to the Far East where I studied Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.
The three religions contain similar elements that give the three religions a common familiarity. In
Buddhism, this religion has no creator or founder and members of this religion worship or pray to a
figure called a Buddha, the Ultimate Goal of this religion is to obtain Nirvana. Siddhartha Gautama,
meaning wish filler, after achieving enlightenment, is the most important person in the faith and was
named Buddha “enlightened one” by his followers. Along the way, Buddhists abide by the Four Noble
Truths which are: 1) Life inevitably involves suffering, dissatisfaction, and distress. 2) Suffering is
craving, rooted in ignorance. 3) Suffering will cease when craving ceases. 4) There is a way to realize this
state: The Eightfold Path (Fisher 42). The Eightfold path includes: The right understanding, right thought
or motivation, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right...

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