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Is Our Time On Earth Out

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Sometime ago, the 64-year world’s most eminent theoretical physicist and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, Stephen Hawking, whose fame is only next to Galelio, Newton and Einstein and popularity as wide as the readership of his famous title ‘A Brief History of Time’, posed an open question on the website ‘Yahoo Answers’: “In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?” The changing face of threats to mankind, from devastating asteroid impact and nuclear war to climate change and rampaging genetically modified viruses, etc., have all weighed down the Professor heavily to ...view middle of the document...

“It will work out… There will undoubtedly be problems and disasters, but nothing so devastating to match your pessimism. Lighten up!”

Without taking the side either of doom-mongers or soothsayers on the issue of human survival, let’s confront the topic objectively. It doesn’t require much effort to recognise the fact that everything has appeared only to disappear sooner or later. Upon appearance, all forms of matter and life undergo a constant transition for this ultimate. However, in the transition process, everyone doesn’t exhibit the same degree of peace with itself. Not to speak of peace, even some exhibit a high degree of eccentricity and their very existence creates tension to others in the environment. Probably, for these categories of matter and life, the earth is not much of a natural abode.

Why does then the environment, by carrying risk onto itself, give rise to such life forms? This might be the only way by which the environment could ensure perpetuation of the existence of those, which were temperamentally more comfortable in it.

For example, between an egg and a chicken, who does exhibit a quirky behaviour? It is the chicken. Why? The world belongs to eggs and not to the chickens. Although an egg is more at peace with itself, it is still a perishable entity. Before it gets decomposed, it wants to validate itself. And in the process, it gives rise to chicken as a transit phenomenon. With this, we can solve the age-old ‘chicken-egg’ riddle. It is not ‘whether egg is first or the chicken’. The reality is that a chicken is an egg’s way of laying another egg.

Extending this understanding, can we also get an answer as to why every human being’s life is characterised by so much tension, instability and volatility? This is more so as we are now maturing ourselves as a species.

Creation is only the play of genes. It’s all genes’ world although we arrogate it as of beings’. As genes have also life, before they die, they want to validate themselves. The...

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