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Is Odysseus A Good Leader In The Odyssey?

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Sometimes people aren’t as great as we perceive or hear them to be. The epic poem The Odyssey by Homer is about a war hero and king named Odysseus and his journey home from the Trojan War and it reveals how even great leaders have their flaws. Odysseus is faced with many trials throughout his journey home to Ithaca. Although he is said to be a perfect leader, we later see that his flaws are what cause these challenges and ultimately gets in his way to get home. Odysseus is a person who likes adventure and likes to experience things first-hand, because of this he is an imperfect leader.
Odysseus has his qualities, he’s a brilliant strategist and has shown that by being the one who came up ...view middle of the document...

Odysseus thinks in the moment, he’s better that way. We saw he thinks well in the moment when he said his name was “Nobody”. Odysseus is prideful, he wants his name stamped on everything he did. He wants to tell the tale of how he survived the Cyclops and other adventures later down the line. It is this pride which causes him further trouble.
We see another example of the mix of good and bad leadership when Odysseus visits the Land of the Dead In book 11. He visits Tiresias, a Theban prophet who tells Odysseus “even so, you and your crew may still reach home, suffering all the way, if you only have the power to curve their wild desire and curb your own,” (252/253). What Tiresias means by this is to control his impulses and think long term. The end goal for Odysseus is to get home, so why let little urges dictate how quickly someone should get back home? He then tells him to continue on his journey, but with more challenges ahead. On their way back, they will come across the island of Thrinacia. Thrinacia is where the sun god, Helios lives. On the island, there are plenty of cattle, these cattle are Helios’ prized possessions. A person would not want to upset Helios and have the sun god against them....

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