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Is Multi Polar World Order Necessarily Unstable?

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As a Multi-polar world

Multi-polar world is a common word to describe the world order after Cold War. The main feature of a multi-polar world is a regulated multi-polar world with renovated multilateral institutions.

A multi-polar world order was not necessarily unstable. Multi-polar was defined as a system which is divided among several power centers. As in a multi-polar world, no one single power has the monopole on all the poles, for instance in economic and defense terms.

Economy and military are the aspects we are going to measure the stability of the multi-polar world. Power was not absolute because its ideology has been replaced by the relativity of the values in the world. ...view middle of the document...

The second one is Vietnam War in 1959-1975. Due to the breaking of the relationship between PRC and Soviet Union, the participant and casualties of PRC were not too much.

PRC resign from the Socialism camp in 60’s during the Cold War. It is because some problems about cooperating relationship between them. Besides, PRC performed the special Socialism different form other countries in Socialism camp. Therefore, PRC focused on the aspect of economy reforming. At the end of Cold War, PRC implemented some economic policies such as “Open Door” policy. So, PRC cooperated with European Community and active to develop the agriculture and industry.

- US –
From bipolar system to uni-polar system

A bipolar system simply refers to the power construction between socialism and capitalism. China is one example of the construction of two bipolar systems, another example is the US.

The US was engaged in the Vietnam War during 1959-1975. US support the South Vietnam, which was the Capitalism camp to fight with the Socialism camp of North Vietnam. The North Vietnam won the war, US suffered a great loss. The loss included $25,000,000 economic lost and nearly 400,000 casualty, which then induced many local problems.

The Cold War last until 1991. The world order was changed from bipolar system into uni-polar system. It is because the US dominated both the economy and military of the world.

The US was engaged in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Despite military aggression, the US also implemented economic sanctions to Iraq. Because of engaging in wars, the US neglected the development of local economy. The President George H.W. Bush therefore shifted its ground from military might to economic weight.

The failure in military (Vietnam War) and economy symbolized the end of Bush’s age. In 1993, Bill Clinton became the President of the US. He then implemented lots of policies to save the US’s economy and reduced the unemployment rate. His achievement brought the longest boom in US history. At the same time, Clinton explored their market to China and made trade deals with China. The NAFTA was also associated at that time. Owing to such policies, the US grow rapidly from 1993.

Meanwhile, trading in the world became more remarkable than military might. The world economy was not only dominated by the US. More developed and developing countries had their bargaining power in the world. The power was shared by different poles. This situation changed the world from uni-polar to a multi-polar world.

The present multi-polar world shifted its ground from military might to economic weight. This has happened due to the demise of the Soviet Union and the decline of the United States as the sole superpower.

Multipolar System

Due to multilateral Institutions, we will focus on these following powers: China, USA and European Union (EU). After the Cold War, three of them concentrated on the competition in economic, economic growth have replaced...

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