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Is Leadership An Art Or Science?

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Is Leadership an Art or Science?

Over the century, there are tons of theories about leadership. Just like trait theories, contingency theories, situation theories, behavioral theories, and etc. As I believe, different theories could demonstrate leadership in distinctive ways. Besides there are not only personality traits or characteristics of the situation could allow certain peoples take the charge. There are much more going on.
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Thus, I want to address my opinion that leadership is an art, which based on science.
I would like to open the discussion with one example, let’s compare with Apple computer and IBM. The Apple computer has more features and attractive design. Many people think it as an art and IBM is more towards structure. However, we cannot deny apple is not based on science. The entire technology industry is based on science. So as leadership, which based on science but leaning to art. As many artists illustrate their works, its not so much what they want audiences to see, it is more what audiences choose to perceive within their mind. Art follows a more subjective interpretation of thoughts, ideas or concept. Unlike science, a singular fixed answer or definition as to reminds people. Leadership as so, there is still no single definition can explain it. But we still cannot discount the role of science; it acts like an outline or a structure in management. Leaders indeed need to follow certain rules. Based on these rules, take a back step and think out of box. Then art part of the leadership can really support leaders to stand out.

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