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Is It Getting Out Of Hand?

833 words - 4 pages

Aspen Garcia
Period: 4
Pomranka-English 11
December 7, 2012
Is It Getting Out of Hand?
Most Americans could say they can’t go a day without texting, checking their email, updating their Facebook/Twitter profile, or getting on the computer to look something up. Today we have every form of technology a person could think of. Cell phones have evolved into something more than just a phone call; they allow people to send text messages, check email, get on the internet, take photos, play games, use GPS, listen to music and so much more. Computers allow people to surf the web, email, access social networking websites, type documents, and explore many new programs. “These advances sometimes have ...view middle of the document...

Having said this, many students are cheating, and some are probably uses of technology due to other research. Websites are really helpful when doing research and projects, but they are not always credible and people rely on them too much. Technology is a gateway to laziness and cheating.
Texting and instant messaging and emailing; all these actions are done through a computer or cell phone screen and don’t involve any face-to-face conversation. We are slowly seeing a decrease in people’s ability to socialize. Texting is very popular amongst teens and adults. According to Neilsen, the average teen sends about 10 texts per house during the day. That’s roughly 3,000 messages a month per teen and about 72% of adults text daily (edudemic online). Being able to send a text, instant message or email avoids all confrontation. This is also affecting many families because they don’t spend time together due to their addiction to their cell phones and computers. Although, sending texts, emails and instant messages are convenient and quick, it is almost impossible to express your tone, which may lead to a lot of miscommunication. Life is built off of social skills and without them people “experience difficulties in interpersonal relationships with parents, teachers, and peers, evoke highly negative responses from others that lead to high levels of peer rejection, peer rejection has been linked on several occasions with school...

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