Is It Fair To Say That By And Large The Internet Is Unregulated? Why Or Why Not?

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Research Topic: Is it fair to say that by and large the internet is unregulated? Why or Why not?
Internet is basically the world-wide network that connects computer worldwide via TCP/IP protocol for the purpose of exchange of information. At Global level, the Internet is highly unregulated. It lacks the common global authority that regulates the Internet at global level. Nations have law regarding what comes in and goes out through their physical national borders. However, such law does not exist in terms of Internet which is globally available to everyone. There are countries like Saudi Arabia that does regulate internet at national level for example through blocking various websites that ...view middle of the document...

Concept of Internet
In the literature, there are ranges of definitions given for the Internet. In the case of ACLU v Reno, The Internet was described as below:
"The Internet is not a physical or tangible entity, but rather a giant network which interconnects innumerable smaller groups of linked computer networks. It is thus a network of networks. this is best understood if one considers what a linked group of computers -- referred to here as a "network" -- is, and what it does" (
This definition explains that as Internet is not a physical or tangible entity, the laws of physical border does not apply to it. The global nature of internet is such that it is complex to apply border concept to Internet.

Another description of Internet was provided in Doubleclick Inc. Privacy Legislation.
"The Internet is accurately described as a "network of networks.  Computer networks are interconnected individual computers that share information. Anytime two or more computer networks connect, they form an "internet........ Today, the Internet spans the globe and connects hundreds of thousands of independent networks." (
The definition supports the explanation of the ALCU v Reno. It states that the purpose of internet is to exchange information. It also supports the fact that Internet is at global level and includes thousands of independent networks. The ruling of Doubleclick Inc. Privacy Legislation also states that WWW and Internet are two different things but both are dependent on each other.
"The World Wide Web ("the Web" or "WWW") is often mistakenly referred to as the Internet. However, the two are quite different. The Internet is the physical infrastructure of the online world: the servers, computers, fiber-optic cables and routers through which data is shared online. The Web is data: a vast collection of documents containing text, visual images, audio clips and other information media that is accessed through the Internet."

UK and US Approach concerning Jurisdiction Legal Liability
The rules and regulations differed from country to country. In fact, it differs from one state to another in the same country. Therefore, it becomes complicated to implement internet regulations globally. For example, in one state the rules are easily enforceable on individuals but in the another state such rules do not apply making the framework inconsistent. The improper approach is evident in Saudi Arabia where government block and filters internet contents. This include videos, blogs and almost everything. Individual caught downloading or uploading prohibited contents heavily fined. The contents available on global scale gives rise to jurisdictional tourism. For example, as UK retain multiple publication rules, it has become the chosen...

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