Is It Better Tobe Mad Or Bad

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This essay will discuss normal and abnormal behaviour and how the definition of psychologists differentiates although defining normal and abnormal behaviour can be problematic because there is no single definition. It will also look at the current treatment of mental health and how to tackle these issues in the future.

There are many ways that normal and abnormal behaviour can be defined for instant one concept is based on statistical for example something which is unusual to the society. Statistically: In this definition of abnormality behaviors which are seen as statistically rare are considered to be abnormal. In terms of statistics, abnormal ...view middle of the document...

Secondly social deviance in western countries homesexual is normal man can choose to marry another man but in some African countries it is abnormal behavior who acts such that action are beheaded and they are also regarded as abnormal. It is very difficult to define normality, according to rosenham and Seligman (1989) they defined normality as this “normality is simply the absence abnormality”. Therefore their definition implies that normality simply means average people who behave normally are those who act and behave in an average, usual way. Statistically, normal behaviour is what people would expect from the majority of people in the society however normal people are people that are not suffering from psychological disorders. Despite of differing definitions of abnormality within and different cultures it is very hard to define abnormality. Although normal people sometime behave abnormal.

Why is it hard to diagnose mental health
Evaluate different models of abnormal behavior
There are many models of abnormal behaviour in which psychologists define abnormal behaviour, those models provide us with a better understanding of abnormal behaviour, for instant their root and treatments, have positive impact to the patient. Firstly medical model of abnormality looks symptoms of the illness which effects the brain and it is treated by medications which helps the patient to over come their illness. The medical model of abnormality also suggests that the cause of abnormal behavior could be found in a physical examination, which may show a hormonal imbalance, a chemical deficiency, or a brain injury. Secondly cognitive therapy is based on cognitive which refer the behaviour feeling and thinking for instant how the pateint feels and thinks. The cognitive model is like to the behavioural model but with the main difference that, instead of teaching the patient to think differently. This model looks the patient’s feelings and emotion which has influence in the parient’s behaviour. Thirdly humanistic model this model minimizes the effects of the unconscious mind, focusing instead on the uniquely human capacity to understand one’s place in the world and relationships with others. In addition, the theories move away from the medical model into a new focus on the healthiest aspects of the client’s personality. The client is encouraged to use those healthy parts of the personality to move toward increasing psychological health. Humanistic psychology has had an influence on cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Asses the similaries of schferinia bidipolar
Schizophrenia and Bipolar are mental disorder, patients with bipolar disorder usually can lead fairly normal lives, hold down a regular job, have a happy relationship and family, even be very successful in a career. Pateints with bipolar disorder do not hear voices that aren’t there, and they do not have multiple personalities in their bodies. People with bipolar disorder do best when they stick to some...

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