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Is Industrial Harmony A Myth ?

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Is industrial harmony a myth?

By: Pratik Hire
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Section: B

The employment relationship between employer and employee is a very special type of exchange. One crucial distinguishing feature is that it involves both market and managerial relations: a price is fixed for the labor expended, but management then determines the tasks actually carried out. Another feature is that the relationship is in a state of continuous flux. There are constant pressures for one party or another to adjust it: employees or employers may want to adjust the price or the content and manner in which work is carried out. Conflict is thus an inherent feature of the employment relationship. But the pursuit of self-interest is so deeply ingrained in the human nature that the tendency has been always for the top-dog to exploit the under One. Industrial harmony thus, has ...view middle of the document...

But the maintenance of congenial industrial relations, particularly in a democratic society like ours is not only a significant task but also a complicated one.
Industrial harmony is ideal and its existence is not felt in most organizations, as they are unstable and chaotic, resulting in tense working environment. This has been shown by the fact that most employers tend to believe they are the only ones who can be wronged. They overlook the fact that some of their practices could compromise relations with their employees. Management’s focus has been on the disciplinary matters as a way of setting the tone of labor relations. In as much as the disciplinary aspect is essential, so is the grievance resolution aspect of managing relationships at the workplace. The labor relationship, as it exists has its own expectations that can either be fulfilled or ignored. Such a scenario brings out clearly that each party in the labor relationship is bound to be dissatisfied. It is therefore imperative that the grievance management system in any workplace be seriously and properly handled as it impacts greatly on the industrial harmony.
The most important factor to be considered in achieving peace is to ensure proper understanding and harmony between management and workers. Even states should play an active role by establishing bipartite committees, compulsory collective bargaining, conciliation and mediation and conducting investigation. And also state or arbitrator should not impose a solution, rather than should work with both the parties to come at a common acceptable solution. A good number of resolved cases of labor disputes only proves that amicable settlement is indeed the best way to solved labor controversy, understanding the rights of both management and workers is a key towards a better, efficient and more productive workforce.

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