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Is Google Making Us Stupid? A Reaction

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Argumentative Essay
“Thanks to the ubiquity of text on the internet, not to mention the popularity of text-messaging on cell phones, we may well be reading more today than we did in the 1970s or 1980s, when television was our medium of choice. But it’s a different kind of reading, and behind it lies a different kind of thinking- perhaps even a new sense of self”(Carr, P.g 2).
The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the internet is doing to our brains”, is an interesting article written by critically acclaimed author Nicholas Carr. Nicholas Carr speaks upon how the internet is losing one's ability to concentrate on large physical texts or regular literature, ...view middle of the document...

” (Carr. P.g 3). Though, this is not in Nicholas Carr’s words, he used an excellent example to help his thesis get through his audience. The quote mainly explains that due to the new mediums that have occurred over the past several decades (i.e; internet), people now have a tendency now to pick convenience of the internet, rather than picking up an book or an physical article. Due to this phenomenon occurring, people are losing the benefits of reading deeply and fully comprehending of what the person is reading.
Another excellent example of Carr’s thesis being demonstrated is when Carr argues that “The kind of deep reading that a sequence of printed pages promotes is not just valuable not just for the knowledge we acquire from the author’s words but for the intellectual vibrations those words set off within our own minds.”(P.g. 8.) In the quote, the main idea is that deep reading is important as it not only helps gather wisdom from what the person is reading. But, deep reading is essential in order for people to develop intelligent, thought provoking questions from what they have read.

A further example in which Nicholas Carr used in order to demonstrate his thesis is when he quotes Friedrich Nietzsche, in which he explains “Our writing equipment takes part informing our thoughts.” (P.g. 3). Although this may not be the strongest quote, but it indeed helps with Nicholas Carr thesis “I used to be a Scuba Diver in a sea of words, but now I zip along the surface like a Jet Ski”(P.g.1). The quote explains that writing equipment can have an effect on one’s writing. For example, if a person is writing an blog on the internet. instead of writing an informative blog, the person will shorten their original thought. This becomes shorten in order to not bore the readers of today who mainly read short, online articles and is not interested in lengthy, thought provoking literature.

Along with Nicholas Carr’s thesis with “I was once a Scuba Diver in a sea of words. But now I zip through the surface like a Jet Ski”(P.g.1), he does show evidence that changes in reading are taking place. Most notably, when Carr quotes Sergey Brin, in which he explains “Certainly if you had all of the world’s information directly attached to your brain or an artificial brain that was smarter than your brain, you’d be better off”.(Carr. P.g. 6). This quote does explain changes in reading that are taking place as the quote explains, that there are people not satisfied with how our brain works. That the old way we used to process information is not efficient enough. That an artificial brain absorbs all information in the world needs to be created (in their eyes at least). It may be an extreme example, but it does show changes that people want to be quicker in reading. To process process information faster than humanly possible, and that it shows people will go to extreme lengths all in the name of efficiency.
Even though that Nicholas Carr does indicate excellent points with...

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