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Is Golf A Sport Essay

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Is Golf A Sport?
DeVry University
Is golf a sport? You could say this it would be a stretch to call this a controversial issue, but whether golf is a sport or not has been endlessly debated for as long as there have been men sitting on barstools arguing about sports. The problem is that we live in a culture that constantly turns everything into measurable tests of will power and skill. So we decide to score non-competitive activities and that leaves us to wonder if the activity is a sport. As individuals, we rely on our own bias to guide us in making a determination if an activity is a sport. Because of these individual determinations you have a lot of people that will argue that ...view middle of the document...

This compression causes the ball to spring off of the club head, sending it in an arc along the desired path. The stance is crucial part of the swing, because the golfer has to keep a low center of gravity and remain balanced throughout the swing. For a right-handed golfer, the swing starts with the arms moving back in a straight path toward the right side of the golfer. As the club head reaches the level of the hip, the wrists begin to cock to act as a hinge along with the left knee as it turns slightly to the right. Torque builds up as the swing continues to the top of the backswing. The down swing begins with the hips and the lower body slightly rotating to the left. The arms move in unison starting with the elbow dropping down and hugging the left of the torso and continuing on thru impact. In the upswing the wrists snap through the contact with the ball creating a flex in the shaft that increases club head speed and kinetic energy. All of these movements happen between two to three seconds and this does not give you much time to correct swing errors.
A majority of golfers do not play competitively; they look at golf as purely a game to be enjoyed recreationally. Recreational golfers usually are not to concerned with the rules of golf because to them it is a social event, like playing with their boss or an afternoon out on the course with their husband or wife. During the golf season you can easily find a fun team based tournament almost every day at one course or another. These “scramble” tournaments are a huge draw for the recreational golfer, with catering and an open bar.
The proponents for if golf is a sport or not, have a lot of good points to support their position. Ed Sherman has responded to nay-sayers who have pointed out some of the out of shape players that are on the PGA Tour like John Daly, as a reason that golf is not a sport. Sherman wrote, “The truth is when was the last time that you saw 340-pound offensive linemen with 60 pounds of flab hanging over his gut?” (Shapiro & Sherman, 2011). If you think about it most linemen just stand up and try and get in someone’s way. For linemen, this action can really take its toll on the body and it takes skill as well to master. The point is that fat guys are athletes too. Another good point that Ed makes is that some of the best athletes in the world have not been able to master the game, like Michael Jordan (Shapiro & Sherman, 2011).
Golf has long been included in the athletic departments of many colleges and universities and as a colligate sport; it falls under the authority of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The mainstream media has long considered golf a sport and has even named a golfer as female athlete of the year 30% of the time since the awards inception in 1931 (Wikipedia, 2015). Sporting goods manufactures spend tons of money each year sponsoring athletes and golf is no exception. Adidas, the parent company of TaylorMade, not...

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