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Is Globalization A Positive Or Negative Force For Change

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Is globalization positive or negative force for change?
Globalization is the sharing or progression of goods, ideas, and powers among the world which leads to interpendence and interconnection. In my opinion, I think that globalization is a positive force for change. My reasons are because technology has improved and will keep improving. I feel that the international government is a positive force for change because it will keep the world under control. I also think that the global economy will become stronger due to worldwide buying and selling. Lastly, I feel that the spreading of cultures might be a negative force for change. There are some negative details in this process, too.
First of all, in culture the negative force is that traditions and cultures are diffusing. This means that different traditions and cultures are fading, but it can end up being a positive force because different cultures and ...view middle of the document...

But now in the modern days, people across the globe can communicate easily. If you needed computer support, you would just call a toll free number and you would probably be talking to somebody on the other end of the world. Also, medicines have improved which have stopped diseases from spreading and from people getting sick. Another reason why I think that globalization is a positive force for change is because the international government has gotten much stricter and in order. For example, there is The United Nations. The United Nations keeps the world under control and helps to prevent wars with other countries. There is also the Security Council. The Security Council is made up of thirteen seats. Five of those seats will never change. These five countries are the USA, Russia, China, England, and France. The other seven countries rotate. Their job is very powerful. If one country doesn’t want something to happen, the all the country has to say is no and the process will stop. My last reason why I think globalization is a positive force for change is because it will help the world economically. First of all, new jobs are being created. This is because new businesses and companies are being created causing more people to get a job. There is also global trade which allows for cheaper goods. There is also free trade so that different countries can import and export different products.
There are different opinions for whether or not globalization is a positive or negative force for change. Don’t you think that the new technologies and medicines we have are helping the people in this world? It makes life so much easier. Also, I feel that the government is much better internationally. You don’t really hear too much about countries invading other countries. Also there is much more peace in this world than there was a few hundred years ago. T The economic world has really improved and it has allowed for better things to go on in the world. Many jobs are being created and there is now free trade making it easier to import and export. Overall, Globalization is definitely a positive force for change.

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